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Discussion in 'Detailing' started by L-1011, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. Anybody have positive experiences and can recommend the best cleanser/wax/sealant for ultra blue?

    I've currently for Menzerma Polish, AG gloss/AG HD wax. Top up with C2.

    It's ok but I've seen better, deeper blooms in pics on here for UB cars

    RS 175 Lux
  2. I used sonus compounds with collinite 476 and this was my result.

  3. Great stuff, thanks.
    Although which is better?

    RS 175 Lux
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  5. That's great, thanks!
    Car looks good. What front splitter is that?

    Funnily enough I just bought a second hand roof spoiler in UB and the seller sent me a sample pot of DJ purple haze!

    RS 175 Lux
  6. I notice that darker products are specifically being mentioned.

    I think the car has a dark hue to it at night if it's clean but most of the time it appears a lighter colour, especially when the suns out.

    Well I'm going to give one of these a try.

    I'd also read how the soft99 one a large group test which included dodojuice and the usual like Collinite etc

    RS 175 Lux
  7. image.jpeg I used Autoglym super resin polish with Collinite 476 wax
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  8. IMG_3314.JPG Results from auto finesse tripple with Collinite 476 wax
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  9. Colour is stunning. Reminds me of my old Nogaro blue Audi...
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  10. IMG_2445.JPG
    Very similar
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  11. I had the same Audi... lovely thing!
    Nice fleet!
  12. Not my Audi it's me mates my Audi RS4 is black. This is mine
  13. IMG_0295.JPG
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  14. Went out in a friends recently acquired 8L S3 yesterday. Reminded me of my old B5 TQS and the C5 S6 I use to have. Such nicely built cars. Would love a B5 RS4!

    RS 175 Cup Lux
  15. I also think that this car is rather balaise. But it misses a touch of tuning, just a little.

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