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  1. Hello mates,

    i'm from germany and i'm new here at the forum.
    I implant a F4R 874 with the PK4018 in my Twingo RS.

    But i need few tips for my Twingo....

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  2. Welcome to the forum.

    Car looks nice. Being a megane forum I'm not sure how helpful we can all be but ask away.

    There is a wealth of knowledge within the forum and if anyone can help, they will.
  3. Poppaboost

    Poppaboost RSM Club Member

    Welcome to the club!
    I bet that’s fun to drive now!
  4. Thanks mate,

    yeah and it is fast :smile: 2 weeks ago it goes head to head with a TT RS. I have a question about the camshaft. I dont use my variable timing, i want to install camshaft without changing the timing. Can i use megane 2 rs camshaft on the f4r874?

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  5. Awesome car, something i want to build the lady in the future :smiley:

    Yes you can use m2rs camshafts, but why do you want to?
  6. I dont like variable cam timing, i have deactivated it. I want to ser my cams with firm timings. Sorry for my bad english :smile:

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  7. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

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