Trying to find owner of my old 225

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by aarroncolley, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. After spending a lot of money on my Megane 225 installing brand new milteck de cat system new clutch and dual mass fly wheel all solid engine mounts Yokohama parada spec two tyres the car was absolutely gleaming and always polished and waxed etc but due to insurance reasons it forced me to sell the car, now with me working away from home all week I had to pass it to a friend to sell on my behalf meaning I didn’t know who the car had gone to nor had his details. After dearly missing this car for the last 2/3 years after all the hard work and money I put into it I actually saw it Monday for the first time in whiltshire/Swindon area. I’m trying to find the owner not to try and buy the car back but just to see how the old girl is looking now as it looked like he’d kept it just as clean as what I did when I owed it. The car hadn’t changed one tiny bit apart from it looked to have a r26r spoiler on it. Brought such a big smile to my face seeing it I just wished I never had to let it go.

    Massive tanks to people who would know or help me find the owner.

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