Trophy gone...

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Xanda73, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. So this has gone as I mentioned.

    And replaced with...
    ST-Line 140, in the absence of the proper Mk8 ST being on sale.

    Different league, but still fun. Gearbox is in a different league in the other direction. Early days but grip isn't a lot different (same tyres), but handling isn't on a par. Much more body role but the ride is about the same (which is a pro for the Renault). Interior is better, sound is better (B&O upgrade), sound (exhaust/engine) is worse, insurance is worse, lights are better, 10mpg better on cheaper fuel (standard rather than high octane), tech is better, interior space is worse.

    Renault offered nothing that interested me. Based of this, I will be swapping this for a ST next year.
  2. Do they have the same problem as the Focus, high seat position?
  3. I do like the new Fiesta, especially in ST-Line form. A really nice looking car. While not as good as the Renault in terms of outright pace, I should imagine this is still good fun. Looking forward to the ST.
  4. It doesn't feel high tbh, but then I'm a short arse anyway.
  5. Had a decent drive out today - the fun is there at much more legal speeds. The 'level' of fun might be lower but also so is the 'I'm in trouble if this goes wrong' factor.

    If it's seriously just for fun on your own (ie, not 'racing') and as a road car only, I'm not sure I'm worse off then I was in the Trophy, with the Fiesta.

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