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Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by StephRS, Nov 26, 2015.

  1. Fitted a really nice front splitter. Got it by a German friend on IG. Makes the front of the car complete now. It's time to wash that car and finally remove the Swiss vignet :smiley:

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  2. looking great, i have in plan some front splitter but i am not shure if that is smart when car sits really low, how high is from the ground splitter? and did you lower your car with springs or coilovers? :smile:
  3. My car's lowered with H&R springs. No issues with the ride hight so far. I do however choose my roads wisely ;-)
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  4. Splitter looks awesome Steph!
  5. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Aye, that's the first splitter that actually looks decent it's on my list to get haha
  6. Thank you for the replied guys, really happy with the look of the front now. More aggressive and ground clearance is still pretty much okay.

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  7. Really nice splitter, what brand is it?
  8. Really like that splitter and I'm not usually one for bolt on mods
  9. I've got to repaint the brake calipers. I remember someone had blue coloured?
  10. Cant see the image for some reason???
  11. No problem with the image here.

    I've sold the winter tires:

    Any 18" wheels recommendations please. Keep in mind that I'll use them with winter tires only. No fancy track set of wheels.
    I really do like the 18" Renault Tibor wheels.
  12. Bought the ELM Wi-Fi OBDII module and the Fusion OBDII app on my iPhone. Now I'd like to see the oil temperature, anyone got this working?
  13. Hey Steph

    If I'm correct the megane doesn't have a oil temp sensor, but just does the sneaky modern car cheat of using the coolant temp and info from other sensors to estimate it.

    The info is calculated somewhere, but might not be obvious through obd info.
  14. Thank you for the info!
  15. That splitter looks great. Who's the supplier?
  16. A local German guy. He's now loaded with requests for any kind of car.
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  17. I get it.
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  18. Always had some damage on the front due to a little accident in Italy last year. Got a brand new front bumper including the black parts fitted. Made sure the bonnet now fits 100% without unequal panel gaps left or right. Fitted the front splitter again, so I'm ready to enjoy the summer :smiley:


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  19. [​IMG]

    I just got this 18 inch Tibor set. Not sure if they will stay silver, maybe it won't match with the yellow car as I hoped for.
  20. Hi. Is it possible to see oil temp direct from oil temp sensor. It works 100% on Android. Hope, IPhone could do it :smile:

    1. Buy and install Torque Pro
    2. Buy and install Advanced EX for Renault (upgrade to Pro)
    3. Buy and install Advanced LX for Renault (upgrade to Pro)

    4. Enter Advanced EX and Advanced LX, Car Model and choose Laguna-III 2.0 (X91 M4R)
    5. Now, you have to add new PID's in Realtime Information. You can do it, when car is on. When your car is off, you dont see all PIDs.
    6. Turn on car, connect to OBDII and:
    - add display
    - select type of display
    - NEW PIDs start [RADV]

    You have a lot of new PIDs, not only oil temp, so you can monitor your car very precisely :smile:
    I have also RS monitor and datas are same.
  21. Thank you for the information however Torque Pro isn't available for iOS.
    I can try to load the Laguna III 2.0 and see what comes up.
  22. Not sure if it has been mentioned, but I don't think the Megane has an oil temp sensor, but just calculates the output value it shows.
  23. Steph, I found this:
    It looks like the same splitter. How was your mounting of it? I see this kit comes with screws (fine), glue (what the?...). What does it attach to? Only the lip?
    I'm looking into getting this, but it could depend on me having to clue or drill to anything else but the front lip (which can be replace at an acceptabel price from Renault, I'm guessing). Does the mounting use existing bolt holes or?

    What? Really? So in the RS pack instruments showing oil temp is calculated?? That sounds so weird...
  24. I don't know any details about the Maxton front splitter @Bovien


    Got the side skirts fitted which I think look excellent with the front splitter. Drove the RoadAttack Rally with @TsArno as "team Renaultsport". We had a group of approx. 60 cars driving around the Netherlands, Germany, Luxemburg and end up in Belgium.

    The stickers on the car were just for the rally but I quite like them now. The Renault Sport windscreen sticker gives the car that much more aggressive look. I might keep them on :-)
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  25. Ok. I see it is a custom job, but do you know how is that attached? Skirts also from that dude?. They are really nice :smile:
  26. PM'd
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  27. [​IMG]

    New rear discs :-)
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  28. Just fitted the winter wheels with Falken HS449 tires. Surprised how good anthracite wheels look with silver. Maybe I should get the 19" steev wheels anthracite too?



    Does look like the 18' inch wheel falls deeper into the car at the rear than the 19' did ..
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  29. Perfect winter set!
  30. Lets hope they are better than his summer tyres :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
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  31. Haha compared to rain sports :smirk:
    Tires are new so they are better! :smiley:
  32. I'm so sick of this shit!

  33. Little showoff :smiley:

    Nothing much changed. Still got the problem with the lights. Removed all the stickers but kept the sun strip.

  34. Little update again: 3 inch Milltek downpipe with 200 cell cat fitted. Safe for periodic checks and still providing a great sound: <insert pops and bangs here> ... Rest of the exhaust was already upgraded to a 3 inch exhaust by the previous owner ...


    Remapped the car at Dekker Motorsport (known as Arthur overhere)


    Resulting in 310 hp at the crank. Not a massive improvement as the car managed to give 288 hp stock. Very happy with that which explained why I could (sort of) keep up with some stage 1 cars last year and showed the car is healthy.

  35. New updates to show :sunglasses:

    Fitted the summer wheels and finally got the DRL's working as it should. Removed the rear bench. Surprised how different the car felt and some of the rear interior parts. Looking for a Trophy-R bar + net and a nice cover for the rear bench.
    Fitted a 4 point harness by QSP. Wanted a yellow harness for the looks. Recommend this kind of harness on the track. Massive difference.


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  36. Just love it mate!

    Blijft vet met die gordels!
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  37. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Looks great Steph!

    Maybe catch up with you again later this year?
  38. Yes for sure! Have to figure out where and when though.

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