Steevs and spacers

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Lukeydavido, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. For sale 19” Steev alleys wrapped in Falken fl510 tyres which are around 2 weeks old
    4 have the new tyres and 1 without a tyre! Tyres cost me 420 so looking for 550 with the spare alloy also! Ideally will need a refurb but none are buckled just slight marks!

    Also have 15mm spacers with longer wheel bolts and locking nuts!, looking at 80 quid with postage on top, thanks

    I’ll upload photos tomorrow
  2. Sorry wheels will be available in the next week or two depending on delivery time for my new wheels
  3. What type are the spacers?
  4. @Lukeydavido
  5. ST DZX spacers. Made by KW. ST suspensions is a sister company of KW, comes with extended bolts, locking nuts and covers, I bought them off another meg owner but didn’t need them as have ordered some new wheels
  6. Where are you based bud?
  7. Port talbot South Wales bud

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