'Squares' stickers for front and rear bumper corners? R26

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Frimley111R, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Where can I buy these from? Its for an R26 and they are the silver/black multi squares type stickers if you know what I mean. I have the side ones.
  2. You always could get replica ones on eBay. They were always much cheaper then oem but not as "thick" and don't protrude from the paint. The oem ones stick out a mm or two due to the thickness of the vinyl

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  3. 8200718367 front £65 from Renault
    8200718364 back £65 from Renault
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  4. OEM from Renault parts direct as above.

    Or if you're on FB I can give you the name of a guy who makes brilliant replicas. Some of the ebay ones look crap and fade. This guy's are very very good and about 40 for the pair (does the sides too)
    I've got them on mine

  5. Perfect, they'll add at least 20bhp! Can you PM me the details please?
  6. Are these also printed on thick vinyl ?

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  7. It's not as thick as the oem.
  8. Might have to get some ordered. Is there any other way of ordering from him thats not via facebook?

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  9. I only know via facebook mate sorry
  10. Okay dude. What do i search for on FB ill do it on a friends account

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  11. Wojciech Zylski mate
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  12. Brilliant mate. Cheers

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  13. Hi ,
    I'm the man he's talking about Danith,
    if someone needs a sticker, I invite, I have a set up to r26 and r25.

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  14. Just bought my front and rear bumper stickers from you mate and they're very very good :smile: thank you.
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  15. A few weeks ago i bought a full set on eBay....got round to fitting them today and they are totally the wrong size...its as if they are 25% shorter than needed and quality is poor. Needless to say I've initiated a return of the items and have PMd you about getting some decent decals!
  16. Great quality and value! Fitted to my car today...A little thinner than the OEM ones but other than that you wouldn't notice the difference.

    Night and day compared to the total rubbish ones from eBay. Recommend this chap if you need replacement stickers!

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