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  1. Hi Guys,

    Got a question and was hoping someone could help me out a little here please. I have a Megane 250 with an Akrapovic system. I am gathering up some bits before my next remap. Pretty much the last thing on the list is this.

    Am I better off keeping the cat in the factory position or run a decat pipe and more the cat into the linking pipe that joins into the Akrapovic? I am just wondering what would flow better?

    I don’t have a luxury of running catless system for mot time so this will have to do.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I thought CAT should be nearest the engine where exhaust gases are hotter so the CAT works better?
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  3. Thanks for the reply. So better off putting the sports cat in the original location.
    and leave the linking pipe as is?

    Would this not be suitable or is the cat now too far down with regards to the heat issue?
  4. Cats used to be under the car when they first got on cars, but because too many were too easily knicked due to precious metal in them.
    Now the OEM have puts them as high as they can in the engine bay so they can't be stolen and the extra exhaust gases heat allow them to work better to lower the emission further
  5. If you are going to fit it permanently then I'd put it in the factory location. If you might go catless then the other option for ease of swapping it out. See the decat easy replacement thread currently running.
  6. I hear ya. I just wanted to get the option with the best flow and be able to get the most out of the remap.

    I see the likes of Milltek and Super Sprint put the cat further down.

    Dose anyone happen to know if the linking pipe that joins onto the Akrapovic is restrictive or not?

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