Show us your engine bay..

Discussion in 'Megane Media' started by CazanRacing, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. Has anybody got a link?
  2. Made it in my work with some 2mm stainless folded in the brake press, the bottom has a layer of like gasket paper stuff to protect against the terminals, then my brother prayed it for me and got the sticker off ebay, cost in total around £3 lol
  3. ^^^^sprayed*
  4. Which ind kit is this??
  5. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Looks like an espace v6 airborne. Common mod on the Clios. Not seen it on a Megane though.
  6. I used to have one on my 172, more hassle than it was worth iirc.
  7. k-tec were developing it as their induction kit but then iirc renault stopped producing the airbox and they changed their design to a open filter + 90 degree bend.
    Althought the initial k-tec design had a different silicone pipe similar to the clio one a lot of hassle on the megane as you need to relocate the battery too
  8. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Ktec developing? No they were going to buy a shit load of those air boxes for lets say £50, put a filter in it, add a hose and charge people £250. Any one can "develop" that. They just take things and charge a shit load for it.

    (All prices are made up as an example btw).
  9. Ha Ha, Yeah ok maybe developing wasn't the right turn of phrase!
  10. Daz

    Daz RSM Club Member

    For 3 quid make me another! :wink:
  11. Lmao:smiley:
  12. Some nice bays there.

    Heres mine. Its a bit untidy but its a work in progress. lol.

  13. We update from my bay before [​IMG]
  14. [​IMG]

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  15. Here's mine needs a detail and proper induction kit though

  16. Will.

    Will. RSM Moderator RSM Moderator

    Looks like a standard engine bay to me.
  17. How do you clean engine bay? Is it save to use Karcher?
  18. [​IMG]

    No modifications so far :cool:
  19. This is my inferno 225s engine bay -


    My Twingo 133 Gordini's engine bay -


    This is my 225 Trophy's engine bay with and without the engine cover. Engine cover needs jazzing up a bit at some point. :smile:


  20. CookSport

    CookSport RSM Trader

    Something like this..

  21. [​IMG]
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  22. That is just sick :cool:
  23. [​IMG]


  24. [​IMG]

    My bro s 500 hp clio gtx30
  25. I was just browsing on Google and came across this thread. Would anyone care to get it going again?
  26. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

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  27. You didn't disappoint Matt! The poor old F4R isn't the prettiest engine ever, but that looks great - bloody clean too!
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  28. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    its not very clean at the moment!
  29. You obviously haven't seen mine then lol
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  30. caymanr26

    caymanr26 Events Liason


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  31. [​IMG]

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