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Discussion in 'Group Buys' started by Charlie Howard, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Would anyone be interested in getting RS monitors fitted to thier 250's for £100? Need 10 people and the guy said he will fly to the UK from Romania and get this fitted!
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  2. Would we have to source the monitors ourselves?
  3. Suposidlyhe can turn the standard Renault ones into the sport ones, he wouldn't reveal how for obvious reasons. So no you wouldn't.
  4. pictures?
  5. There aren't any, it looks the same as the standard display but has the monitor features.
  6. Ok if this is the case then I'm down but just confused as to how it's done
  7. I'm confused as to how it's done too, I'm assuming it's some sort of solder job. Wish I knew how and I'd do it for everyone on here!
  8. Do you know this person?. Wouldn't he want paying before coming over?
  9. He is on here too, there is another thread very similar to this one but for the lcd screen version
  10. Do you have a contact for the guy as I would be willing to send one out to him. I have two displays, the one that came with my car and I brought what's known as a virgin display from renault which is the clock radio display that has no programming on it what so ever. Currently in talks with my local stealer to see if they can programme it how I want. It's not a solder job just a configuration file that only dealers really have access to ( and this other guy ). But I will happily be ginuea pig to sending one out to him.
  11. Yeah sure I'll PM you mate, please keep me updated! How do you access the config file then? Does that mean the display itself has some sort of memory? I don't think it's done through CLIP.
  12. If you go on to clip and into the programming section you can read the files that are already loaded on to your current display. If without R.S. Monitor you will have C2 C3 C4, if I remember correctly the R.S. Monitor file is C1, but you cannot programme anything with clip unless you are linked into the renault hub network which only dealers are ( and this other guy ). So the displays do have memory yes that's why you can take an R.S. Monitor out of a megane and put it into one that didn't have it and it works :smile:
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    I would be up for this if people think it will work
  14. Should work from what he's been telling me!
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    So question is where to meet if Heathrow then fine for me
  16. Not sure yet, just been told London. I guess details will be worked out when we have enough.
  17. Wouldnt it be cheaper to by a second hand unit, and send it over to be programed?
  18. Well the idea in the group buy is you don't pay any postage to Romania and he uses your original screen.
  19. You seem to think parts for these cars are easy to come by
  20. Yes you'd be able to get a standard screen pretty easily, the hard one to come by is the RS monitor.
  21. The standard centre display is about £20ish on ebay second hand, they come standard on some of the standard meganes. Depending on how much the guy would charge if you sent it him, taking into account petrol to get to london to meet him. I would suspect it wouldnt be far off sending one to him, and then selling the spare one on after its done.
  22. That's up to you, for some people getting to London won't be a big deal. I just picked up a very cheap RS monitor on Facebook luckily! But I'll still be running the group buy for others. This also means I have a spare display if anyone is interested?
  23. Is this going ahead?
  24. Haven't got enough people.
  25. Can everyone that's interested leave a reply and I'll add you to a group conversation. I've managed to get him down to £90 each so long as we get 10 people.
  26. Interested
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