Renault Sport Espace.....well sort of, hopefully!!

Discussion in 'Other Projects' started by Flynny, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. I’m into remapping myself aswell but on the other side of the water. There also is an Espace with a Meg engine over here but he still wants to do some other stuff to it beford changing mapping. So sadly i cannot tell you yet.

    However i’d think it should be possible but you’ll have to take a bit different aproach. Sadly i can’t confirm it yet....
  2. Was Andy looking like he was about to set light to it???? :-)
  3. He seemed in pretty good spirits, but it was still pretty early in the day lol
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  4. Was Andy looking like he was about to set light to it???? :-)
  5. Hello Flynny. I have done several espace :grimacing:
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  6. An other of my Espaces
  7. Hi Georgios, I'm guessing you are not in the UK though???? What software do you use to do them??

  8. No, I'm not, Matt. I live in Sweden.
    I use my own programs in stock Ecu.
    It's cool to have sach heavy car to move fast!
    I put bigger injectors and bigger turbo. Many are really surprised :grinning:
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  9. Do you communicate with the ECU via the ODB port??
  10. Yes via obd as always, normally!
  11. Who's software do you use to communicate with it or is it your own?? No one I have tried can communicate with the ECU via the OBD as the protocols are different from Meganes, it seems because it has to go via the UCH....
  12. "Kess" :grinning:
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  13. Which engine do you have in now?
    225hp with forged pistons + conrods?
    Turbo m2rs or bigger?
  14. Yes, it has a Forged RS225 motor, with ARP headbolts, competition gasket, race bottom end and big end bearings, unfortunately I only have a standard RS225 Turbo and injectors at the moment, but the plan is to go for a GTX30, bigger injectors and front mount intercooler when funds allow......
  15. I fixed 6 Espaces in a last 3 years. 3 with 225 turbo and 3 with a stock turbo and 4 with 225 injectors and 2 with a 250 injectors, plus exhaust.
    I have 275 engine that is waiting for my newest Espace, but 280hp is more than enough for 7 seats buss :grinning:
    Acceleration comes down from 39-42 seconds 100-180 to 16 seconds! So 350-400 will be nice! :grinning:
  16. Ha ha, yes it should be fun!! I also have an R26 LSD gearbox for it, but it looks as if it will be quite tricky to fit....I think it will need it though!!! :sunglasses::sunglasses:
  17. You can have LSD in stock gearbox from v6 Clio.
    Or like I have 250 cup gearbox in Laguna.
    To drive on tracks I have Laguna sedan II GT 2.0T 205HP = 500hp+, now engine is out.
    Laguna II station GT 2.0T 205HP = stock engine 330hp.
    Laguna III coupe GT 2.0T 205HP 4 control = 400hp-500hp+
    My Espaces are to have fun against all and vacations. :-)
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  18. Any good news?
  19. Nope, I'm really struggling over here to find anyone that will do it......I may have to come to Sweden!!!!!
  20. Ok.
    I'm pretty sure there should be a somebody who can help you in your country, much closer.
    Otherwise I am here :grinning:
  21. What is the exact tool that you are using to re-map yours?? I might have to buy one myself!!!!!

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