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  1. All,

    Guys, i am sorry to talk about boring vehicles but this kind of part if fitted to the megs also so i thought i'll ask anyway,
    Our grand espace 2.0dci 150 dynamique tom tom 2011 plate has just blown its BCM (not uch),

    Sent it to BBA-reman for a test as advised by our independent garage(£18 delivery each way plus £135 for testing) but it came back and they said they cannot even read or diagnostic the bluming thing, does any of you knows about this kind of issue?

    Can a second hand one be rewritten to suit my car,
    and or does any of you knows somebody reputable in the west midlands that can fix or diagnostic these modules to get a second opinion.
  2. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  3. not sure i need to talk to the garage just received a text for now from them, also i want to talk to BBA directly to hear it from the horses mouth... i will contact them to see many thanks
  4. hi Tof
    I have a grand Espace but the 175 privilege version, not long after buying mine the dpf threw up a fault 90% blocked, took it to a guy to sort but he managed to wipe the ECU, told me it had to go to Renault for a reprogram, they then told me it was trashed and i needed another ECU, they gave me a price i thought was very wrong £185 :dizzy::dizzy:, so i gave them the go ahead, a couple of days later i had a call to say that they had ordered the wrong item, they had ordered a body control module instead, so i don't think a body control module is that expensive, so it might be worth the ask
  5. so an update after a lot of phone call,

    BBA said they did the test free of charge as they are not equiped to read these modules,
    Renault quoted £190+vat for a new one plug and play just the steering sensor to recalibrate

    tried dieselpumprepair but no answers and left a message i will try again.

    IanPlymouth, to be fair it has been good so far no dpf issues just a water temp sensor and a bank 1 o2 sensor, been to the alpes in france 2-3 times with it and it was really good.

    Renault story i guess if only they used a bosch part rather than a valeo one
  6. Hi Guys, Thank you for the reply & help from all,

    i am afraid it will have to fork a new BCM from Renault mainly due to time contraints as i cannot wait any longer for parts to be tested as my other half has been out of a car for more than a week already and with 4 kids my ears are full...:tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy:

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