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  1. Hi All,

    I Currently have a Megane rs (Cup Pack) 2015 with a few mods. I would like to upgrade the brake disc to something more better than whats on there. I don't want it to sting my pocket of course but to make a big difference with the Ferodo DS2500 i currently have on there.
  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Stock is fine, If anyone tells you otherwise they need to learn to brake properly.
  3. Change the pads.
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  4. I need to Change them anyway i think. Last track worped my disc.

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  5. Change the pads? They have already been changed as mentioned. What you recommend?

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  6. keep disc, use DS1.11
  7. How's the brake fade using these?

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  8. depends on your vehicle use and driving style, way better pad than DS2500
  9. Fast Road use and know and then track days

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  10. DS1.11 the pad for you, unless want THE LONG LIST version and much head scratching....
  11. about right...a very good compromise without breaking the bank.
    ds2500 not much better than standard IMO.
    Make sure you have fresh decent fluid to..makes a big difference to pedal stiffness.

    disk change will make zero difference.
    If anything a brembo blank will offer the same performance,while giving your pads a lot more life,as you dont get the`cheesegrater` effect,as with grooved disks.
  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Plain Brembo discs then.
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  13. Where can I get the grooved Brembo discs for cheap?

    I've read on here that they can be found for £150ish.. But I can't find any?

    A link for front and back discs would be great!
  14. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Just get Plains, cheaper @ £120 a pair and you don't get that irritating whirring noise that offers no benefits, unless you like the looks
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    £63 each here.
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  16. George@RTR Parts

    George@RTR Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    I can help with your brake parts @JBLACK Renault or Brembo oe discs, Ferodo Racing DS1.11 pads , pin kits , brake fluids etc etc

    PM me and I'll get some info/a quote over for you
  17. Cheers guys I'll have a look
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  18. go with george at RTR...Most of us order from him.
    Super fast service.
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  19. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    I second ds1.11 pads as well. Plain brembo disks are fine...used them on the r26 and was happy. I have reylands on the 250 which are fkin expensive in large size but seem to work well.

    Also George is brilliant
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  20. George, Do you know if RTR will be able to suply PF z rated pads for megane Mk2 please?
  21. George@RTR Parts

    George@RTR Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    I don't deal with them currently mate
  22. Ok thanks, Any plan soon to deal with PF
  23. George@RTR Parts

    George@RTR Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    Not at the moment, I supply a lot of Ferodo Racing pads and also Pagid RS range. There's not a lot that their range/compounds can't cover, for the various uses people want between them
  24. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    Which pagid RS pads are equivalent to ds1.11 and how much are they? Are they any Good?
  25. Pagid is my pick. I use RS29.
  26. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Id recommend giving the new RST or RSL compounds a try, Im on RST3's and they are mega. DOnt last as long as the 29's but they are a more aggressive sprint/circuit compound as opposed to the endurance spec RS29
  27. Will do. Thanks!
  28. Where from?
  29. George@RTR Parts

    George@RTR Parts RSM Trader RSM Trader

    The RS29 (now called RSL29 but same compound), they face lifted/rebranded their range but still some of the compounds in the box of the original pads they did

    They're the endurance type pads that wear well and are kind on discs. As a general rule they're usually 50% more than the equivalent DS1.11/DSUNO
  30. Any thoughts on endless, e.g. N35S?
  31. The N35s pad offers monster stopping power considerably more than any pad mentioned here, really give tremendous confidence in car control coming into corners a silly speeds BUT.....
    You pay for this in disc wear, especially when pottering around as DD and braking ‘normally’ on cold disc they really eat into them factory disc. Only way to keep wear rate down is by generating good heat at high speeds all the time, they are a proper race pad and offer perfect retardation to a slick tyre
  32. Thanks! That's really good to know. I don't drive it on the road apart from getting to the 'ring! And the new GIRO discs will take some wear!
  33. I am using endless pads at the moment, they are great and i drive to and from track days, whether in this country and abroad, they are very good on the road with great bite from cold, only complaint is the price
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