R26R stock shock absorber vs R26 stock shock absorber

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  1. Hi everyone,
    Happy New Year - 2018.
    I am wondering are the R26R shock absorbers same as R26 one. I know the springs are different but couldn't find anything about the absorber.
    Your input is appreciated.
  2. I'd be curious about this, I thought they were different but don't know for sure - ask a dealer?
  3. The R26R is a fair bit lighter so the shocks may be softer. If they are they'd be a downgrade on a standard R26.
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  4. I vaguely remember reading something about r26r shocks being softer due to the r26r being lighter than the r26, so as agreed with above, it would probably be a downgrade.

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  5. Dear Gentlemen,

    Thanks a million for all your inputs. I was thinking the R26R is lighter so the spring is softer but just cannot confirm it.

  6. Has anyone fitted upgraded shocks to their Megane? NOT coilovers but something like a Koni adjustable?
    I had them on two cars before and the improvement was huge.
  7. I prefer them over any of coilovers.. For same price much better qualiti..
    The koni sport adjustables and if can afford blistein b12, not adjustable but top notch and are lifetime waranty. The strut/piston is twice the size of the koni one

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  8. Aren't the B12s just a B8 shock with an eibach spring? I fitted B8 dampers on the back of my 1 series and it was firm. Much better hitting a bump at higher speeds but punishing round town.
    I like the konis as you can up the rebound without affecting bump absorption.
  9. had KONI in my 205 before, it was better than Bilstein but not as good as H&R. changed to AST a few years ago i would say day and night difference.
  10. Looks like springs and dampers are definitely different, this is from the official Renault launch press release for R26.R:

    "Front spring ratings have been uprated from 13.4mm to 14mm/100kg, - damper calibration is specific as a function of the specific specification of the chassis, - the brake discs are grooved and not cross-drilled, - optional TOYO PROXES R888 tyres (225/40 R18), or standard Michelin Pilot Sport 2 tyres (235/40 R18). - one of the bushes between the lower arm and front subframe has been stiffened.
    Regarding the rear suspension, the spring rates have increased from 15.1mm to 16.2mm/100kg, while the damping once again features specific calibration. "
  11. Softer front stiffer rear, good recipe for turn - in.
    Funny how most of the weight was lost from the middle to rear of the car.
  12. Aren't AST coilovers?
  13. for the weight loss I guess those were the easiest areas to remove it from? Surprising perhaps they didn't try and redistribute it...like moving the battery to the boot etc

    Reading that press release again, does anyone know the bush mentioned here? "...one of the bushes between the lower arm and front subframe has been stiffened..." Looked at online parts and I can't see a R26.R specific bush on the lower arm..
  14. yes it is, so it is an unfair comparison. but when ast comparing with h&r, ast wins.
    but interestingly koni worked butter than bilstein in my 205 but it was the other way round in my friend's 306, i am talking non coilover only.
  15. I may start another thread about shocks as I'm going away from the what the op asked.
    When i said not coilovers that was mainly due to cost. They are better but you're paying 2-3 times as much which is fair enough. With something like the Meganes the chassis is pretty well sorted as standard but there's room to spend a few hundred and get a decent improvement , especially as standard shocks can be quite poor.
    Coilovers are very popular with bmws especially modern ones as the setup seems to be harsh and going stiffer makes it worse on the road. Been there!
    Like I said I'll start another topic later.
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