R26/225 Gearstick Mod

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Humur0ustrax, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Hi all, I've shared these around on the usual facebook pages with good feedback, I thought I'd bring them to the forum.
    I have made a kit that in which allows the stock gearknob fitment to be changed to a M10 thread where any M10 gearknob of your choice can be then fitted.
    I had a small batch machined after interest in my handmade prototype, these are know available.
    The fitment adaptor is machined from stainless and the reverse lift adaptor machined nylon.
    Any queries please send me a message.

    Price is £63 posted to the UK mainland


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  2. Could be interested in this actually. Do you have a guide for fitting too?

  3. Yup all kits will come with a complete guide on how to install
  4. Is it something that’s pretty straight forward, that your average person can do without mechanical skill? Haha
  5. Yup you should have no issues. If you are unsure message me your email address and I'll send you over a copy of the instructions
  6. Sounds good. Put me down for one please.
  7. Hi,
    I want to shorten the gearbox lever, is it possible with this?
  8. Hi Victor, yes this is possible, it is designed to be the same height as stock as its max height, you can go shorter if you wish.
  9. BLT


    Can this be used on the MK3 megane or if not, can one be made?
  10. I have had queries for a MK3 version, I have been offered a shift assembly to have a look at, should be possible though
  11. If it works or you get ones made that work with a Mk3, I'd be interested as well.
  12. A MK3 Shifter assembly will be with me sometime late next week, I'll be able to update MK3 owners after that has arrived :smile:
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  13. Will this work when I have my short shifter mod done on my R26?

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  14. yes..shortshift is fitted gearbox side..it wont effect the lever end that this is fitted.
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  15. Cool, just need to find myself a nice stick to make it worth changing. Anybody got recommendations?

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  16. BLT


    Cheers Humur0ustrax for looking into this. Will 100% be interested in the MK3 version of this
  17. BLT


    Any update on this?
  18. Still trying to source a MK3 shifter assembly
  19. So this would allow me to fit say a whute nylon gearknob?

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  20. It would yes. Any gearknob of your choice as long as it is M10x1.5
  21. Update guys, big price drop!

    I'm moving home so big price drop on these, £40 including delivery to the UK Mainland
  22. Ooo.. I'll take one on payday!! :smile:

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