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  1. Hi all,

    Wasnt sure whether to put this in the tech section. I've recently picked up an rs275 that's fitted with the akroprovic exhaust... I'm finding it a little quiet, it doesn't really pop that much unless I'm close to the red line. Is there any way to make it a bit noisier or encourage more pops?

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    Does it have a centre box?
  3. Not sure to be honest, would have to get under the car and look
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    What fuel do you use?
  5. Either shell vpower or teach momentum
  6. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    What's it like in sports mode? Does it have rsmonitor so you can tweak the throttle map
  7. No rs monitor which is really annoying. In sport mode it will pop but not all the time, generally only at max revs and I can only get one pop at a time.
  8. Mikeyjp

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    Well if it has a center box, you can get a straight through pipe for about £500.... Or remove the system completely and fit an after market exhaust like CGR, or go with a decat, but then it won't go through an mot
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  9. Cheers. I'll look at the centre box tonight
  10. I have a trophy and the exhaust is sometimes quiet and sometimes loud. I can’t put a pattern on it. I always run v power. Sometimes she’s really poppy and barky but other times it doesn’t make too much noise. Also you can’t hear it that well in the cabin at all times but be assured it’s making some noise lol!

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  11. You can very easily make it make more noise.

    Put one (or both) back seats down. That's it, you don't even need to take the parcel shelf or boot carpet out.

    It's popping a lot more often than you realise but it's to quite to hear with the seats up.
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  12. Had mine remapped and i can make it pop on every gear change if i wanted too. as some people have already said it makes alot of pops without you noticing. Sound proofing is very good on the meganes i find. Windows down in the summer makes you realize.
  13. always popping and crackling on my standard 275 . Wife tells me to make it stop. Plus side is she doesn't want to go out in it now.
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  14. Cheers for the replies. I'll get the windows down when it warms up a bit. Still really impressed with the car... Can't believe the difference compared to my old focus St.
  15. Take everything out the boot, including spare wheel, put the back seats down and go a run. I also thought mine was quiet till I did that. You don't hear it as much as the person behind you. It always pops if I sit in second at approx 4000rpm for 3 or 4 seconds, then quickly lift foot off, you should get several that way, also works in third. I wouldn't chop an Akra, you can get a replacement straight pipe from Akra, but being titanium it's not cheap.
  16. Mikeyjp

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    Including spare wheel lol...... They don't have spare wheels
  17. Mine does :smile: albeit a space saver. It was an option when ordering.

    As far as the pops on the Akra. You'll only get noise in sport and also only evident if revvin over 3k. Any lift off over 3k will give a noticable difference. It's not a sharp pop or bang, more a muted bass non-asbo sound. I can pootle round and sit in 3rd if I fancy, get 3k and lift and it'll popple every time..:smirk:
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  18. Mine has the spare wheel option also.

    I had the parcel shelf out to transport some unwieldy goods a while back, it made a huge difference to how clearly I could hear the pops. I didn't put it back in for a fortnight!

    I can imagine with the seats down and the
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  19. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    +1 to what others have said, I was surprised how much noise they block out
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  20. I can imagine with the seats down, the wheel out and the shelf removed it would be night and day!
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  21. Whenever I have my back seats down, I keep them down until someone sits in the back (which isn't often).

    The sound is completely different to when they're up.
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  22. I think I must be weird, because it would really bug me having the seats down or not having the parcel shelf in the car. It would feel untidy and I would hate it lol
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  23. This is a great thread. I was ready to get the expensive straight Centre pipe and or a decat just to get more sound.

    Never thought to just drop the rear seats
  24. It’s a very disappointing sound.
  25. On my MK2 (yes different I Know) but the whole rear seats down and parcel shelf out makes such an enormous difference. Sounds like it is the story on the newer cars too!

    I ran without a rear interior for a while (plus backbox chop) and it was just horrible as a road car. Stuck it all back in before Christmas and voila.....back to being subtle and quiet. Makes you realise that outside it is actually fairly loud.
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  26. My R26 with a centre box chop is pretty quiet with no pops or bangs at all. Does a back box chop on R26 make much difference?
  27. Not heard a car with a centre box chop. My back box delete sounds very quiet at idle, seems to be loudest at mid range and then towards top end the noise drops back down to OEM levels. I reckon it sounded louder due to my interior delete...all the exposed metal bouncing the sound around. Passengers tell me it's still quite loud in the back seats but from the front it sounds spot on to me.
  28. I read from people that both a Centre & Back box chop is pretty loud and that i may regret it hehe.
  29. I had a Miltec cat back system on mine when i bought it, it didn't have any box's it was straight through but did have a cat, did some trackdays with it and never got stopped for noise, it was around 90db average, removed the cat and it went up to 120db.
  30. What would both boxes chopped be like as a daily? I want a bit more grunt to it but dont want it like my previous Clio 200 with an Akra - that was too loud imo.
  31. That's what i had, both box's removed (before i purchased it) but with a cat and i didn't think it was overly noisy, never got pulled of refused at a track, although my MOT guy said it was a tad louder than most.
    Will also depend if your rear seats etc are in.
    I now have a full Scorpoin turbo back non resonated (no center box) and that doesn't drone and measured at tracks between 92-98db, although i got through Thruxton and there limit was 88db.
  32. must be a meganesport trait this seats down business.
    I only realized my R26 makes that `darth vadar` R26R sucking noise, when i had put the seats down to get my bike in it.
    I opened it up on a back road,and when that vacuum noise flooded through the car it made me jump!
    And yet you cant hear it at all when the seats are up.
    You can even hear the rear brakes hissing with the seats down when used.
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  33. I took the centre section out from the stock exhaust on my 265.

    First winter with it and it's borderline anti-social in sport mode if i'm driving hard. Especially on tiny roads with stone lined walls, or tunnels, or just in villages with old ladies walking around. When I heel and toe, the pops are like machine gun :smile:
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  34. Mine seems to be much the same actually. I rather like it :laughing:

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