Pressing clutch or brake to start the car

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  1. sorry if this seems a stupid question.

    How are you guys starting your car. I can get in the car and just press the start/stop button and it starts. I'm sure last year when I test drove it I had to press the clutch for it too start.

    I didn't know if it's different for the 265 trophy or if something's broke.
  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    It will start on the button only if its in neutral, Need to depress clutch if its in gear
  3. Thanks Jamie, makes sense. Just the brakes to sort now lol
  4. Pretty sure you have to press the brake pedal still even in neutral.
  5. Like above, I put my foot on the brake when starting my 250.

    If I don't a message appears saying to depress clutch or brake when starting from what I remember.
  6. S
  7. Yep mine is the same, press down the clutch or brake to start
  8. If car is in neutral with the handbrake on, I can just get in and press the button. That's in a 275.
  9. mine is push button if handbrake and neutral too - facelift 265 s/s
  10. Same on my R26

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  11. Might vary between markets. In Australia, my 275 Trophy-R requires clutch in, if gear selected...or foot on brake, if in neutral.

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