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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by crowdie, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Is anybody able to get any details / pictures of parts?

    I suspect a part I may need is numbered 870200006R but I was hoping to see a picture or a schematic of the part before I commit to buying it.

    I'm hoping ( / not hoping because its £230) that the part is a driver seat position sensor.

    Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Have you tried typing it into Google....?
  3. Yep, can only find one website which sells the part and unfortunately they don't have any pictures or diagrams listed for it.

    Originally got the P/N from Renault after quoting the driver seat position sensor over the phone, I'm just dubious as to whether it is the part I mean as it is significantly more expensive than I was expecting.
  4. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Contract Paul, at RPD, see if he can help
  5. Didn't think of contacting RPD. Fired over a PM, hopefully he can help.
  6. APM

    APM RSM Trader

    870200006R - item 2 - LOOM RADIO

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  7. Hero, thank you!

    Looks to be the whole loom of the seat not just the little switch which would explain the price.

    Managed to test the suspect switch and found that its working so back to the drawing board.


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