OEM equivalent suspension and steering components *links inside*

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  1. bizarrely,when i put mine,or alternative delivery addresses in,i thinks i live in jersey!!

    i live in devon,south west england??

    anyone else had similar problems...have tried to email them..no reply.
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  2. Had to contact them direct to get my order..got there in the end.

    Fitted both sides upper and lower droplinks today.

    Lower links looked identical,
    but the upper links though are the right length,but are thicker in the rod,with a bigger ball and socket fixing.

    You have to hold the center shaft with a torx bit while you do these up,which is tricky with just one person.
    jacked up the suspension to take load off the links,and the upper links were on it minutes.

    HOWEVER,the fkn small bottom links were a utter bastard.
    The nyloc bolts wound out so far,then just fouled up,making it impossible to get apart..so out came the angle grinder.
    JUST enough room to get the grinder in,but it was bloody close on the passengers side.

    Whats even worse though is the bottom bolt through the arm is recessed,so you can hardly get a spanner on it.
    You cant use a bloody socket,as you have to keep the central shaft from moving with a torx bit.
    Without having any right angle ring spanners,i could only turn the nut a small amount at a time,as the spanner would barely locate in the recess of the arm!

    After about a fkn hour and a half for both lower arms,it was done...1 cm at a time!!

    I did notice the ball joint moved around very loose on my old ones, compared to the much stiffer new units.
    They were intact..just very loose...dont know if this means they were worn out?..certainly no free play in the joint.

    Hopefully this will help in restoring some of the handling polish thats gone from my R26 lately.

    Steering rack bush next,to try and sort out the vague steering.
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  3. Justin Joyce

    Justin Joyce RSM Club Member

    I'm guessing these parts are for 225/r26 not rs250
  4. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    Correct. :smile:
  5. Justin Joyce

    Justin Joyce RSM Club Member

    Cheers Gray any chance you have a link for rs250 anti rotation links
  6. Am i right in thinking or read somewhere that the TRW JAR971 Tie Rods are not long enough (230mm) ??
  7. if its for the mk2 then they would catch..but not by enough threads to be safe..
  8. Yeah Mk2 225 Andrew. I take it we have to use genuine Renault?
  9. Chris79

    Chris79 RSM Club Member

  10. Just to clarify on these links at the beginning. Are all these a identical fit to a 250. Just im doing a full front end refresh (both arms etc) and am replacing everything that could possibly creak lol. Im getting oem arms and top mounts but like said in previous posts these items can save u a few quid.

    Cheers jambo
  11. This is for MK2 Meganes, not MK3.
  12. I've done some research and found that the inner track rod on a 1986/87 Toyota Cressida 2.0GL/GLE/GLX fits as a direct replacement and is the correct length.

    Seems a lot of the Megane Sport 225/R26 owners in South Africa have used these.

    Maybe it might help someone somewhere.
  13. why bother..the link i put up to RPD,
    has genuine steering and suspension parts, at silly low prices for original kit.
  14. I hear you but not everyone here is based in the UK/Europe. Like me, and we don't have RPD so need to come up with alternatives.

    Agents quoted me 10x the price for the OE part vs the cressida aftermarket.

    So somewhere someone might benefit from this info.

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  15. i see you are from south africa!,,my apologies.
    yes,it must be tricky for you guys to get parts.
    bad enough for us in europe , to get pattern parts for meganesport models.
  16. Today I removed my original 225 Trophy inner tie rods which were infact stamped TRW 18.02.05 and measure 250mm from end to end.

    Can i bugger find any TRW ones anywhere at that length so must be Renault only parts.

    I have found some at 230mm long but depends where they measure from? Any ideas lads?


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  17. But if they measure from thread end to the point below then I must have the right ones?? [​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. General thoughts are genuine renault only.
    They will fit,but will only catch on a few threads, which is obviously no good.

    RPD are selling them as cheap as you could hope for at the moment.
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  19. Cheers buddy. I did think that and cheapest I can find genuine Renault kit is £33.50 per side delivered.

    Has anyone ran a tape measure across the TRW JAR971

    Id be interested to see the measurements of them
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  21. Yeah thats the ones I found on eBay Leigh. Few quid cheaper than RPD too
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  22. Are the links on the first post still valid and correspond to the same TRW parts as they did in 2014?
    What about those inner track rods from RPD, that link is currently dead. Any source for those OE parts online? Local Renault dealers here in Finland want about 2x or 3x more for OEM parts than your UK dealers do.
  23. i ordered the drop links form here last year,so hopefully they are still valid.
    and you are correct,for some reason the inner arms have been removed from the RPD website..They have been on offers for months.

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