OEM equivalent suspension and steering components *links inside*

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  1. Great thread. I'm just sticking this order in... does it all look correct for an R26 refresh?


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  2. yes thats the same as I ordered last week and then the inner tie rods from RPD as they were £10 cheaper a rod (£40 each)

    hopefully getting it all installed this week, the deliver came pretty quick aswell
  3. You got a link for the tie rods?
  4. what would it cost approx to have this all installed? a local place I have used before want £200 min but it may be more, just seems a alot for the fitting. Or is this about right?
  5. I did my inner toe rods and I dropped the whole subframe in the end only took a few hours but with garage labour cost I can almost see it being that high?
  6. For all of the above I got quoted £700 to fit everything .

    Their still waiting for my answer...
  7. £200 does not seem so bad then, plus its next door to where i work so its easy
  8. What?

    Takes ten minutes tops a side, that includes a bit of a clean up whilst down there!

    You'll need one of these:
  9. well its going to cost a little more than £200, took me a long time getting the lower arms out as everything was rock solid, I popped over and had a look and he was having no fun at all. Had to leave the car overnight. He did say the price could go up which I am now guessing will be the case
  10. Great post
  11. Thanks folks, full kit ordered as above

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  12. Without wanting to sound stupid, what is the picture of?
    You'll need one of these:
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  13. Tie rod removal tool.
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  14. Thanks. Done track rod ends, drop links etc. but I've never had to replace an inner tie rod before. Nice and easy with the correct tool.
  15. hi all. sorry but had a read of this thread and can't seem to see the link on mr auto for the correct INNER tie rod (just track rod ends)?

    I need one for the passenger side (R26).
  16. Only Renault part mate. Aftermarket parts are short for the sport range

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  17. Buggery bollocks. Ok thanks.

    Mark B suggested that mr auto sell them and ive got a credit note for them after they cocked up my civic shocks.
  18. The renaultpartsdirect one is the right one. Mister autos part has a different number. I am pretty sure that iner tie rods are only renault part.

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  19. Cheers for that - I was leaning that way, appreciate the confirmation!
  20. Yep inner are renault only. Had mine done last week
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  21. Absolutely brilliant thread this. Good work!

    Can someone please confirm the correct Ball Joints to get before I put in an order?


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  22. Guys, my steering on my R26 is not as sharp as it was.
    What should I be replacing to try to eliminate the slight vagueness, I have now?
  23. Tyre pressures
    Track rod ends
    Inner track rod joints
    Wheel bearings
    Anti rotation link
    ARB drop links
    Steering swivel bearings
    Lower track control arm bushes/ballpoint
    Strut mounts
    Front struts
    Rear dampers
    Rear trailing arm front bush
  24. what about the bush in the steering rack?..
  25. Replaced mine for the expensive TFD one. My car had about 138k on it and the bush was fine and didn't need doing.

    But yes if it's sloppy that will ruin the steering feel.

    Best way is to remove the NS wheel, remove the track rod end from the hub/upright and see if you can move the inner rack joint/rack up and down.
  26. ok..unlikely this is the cause then,my car has 42k on it.
  27. Anyone have any definite info on strut top mounts and bearings? Do the trw ones listed above fit properly?
  28. Yup. I had them fitted to my 225 Trophy.
  29. Any one got a part number for the tie rod tool please ?
  30. Cheers

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  31. I did mate yeah they were spot on. I've sold the car since then & they're still going strong.
  32. Awesome getting them fitted this week!
  33. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Is there anyone that can do a list like Gray did, but for the MK3 Meg please?? :smile:

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