OEM equivalent suspension and steering components *links inside*

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  1. Awesome thread! Just about to refresh all my steering/suspension parts . . . its never been right since I owned it.

    So all available except from the inner tie rods where no option but to buy from Renault.

    Are there any updates in terms of rebuilding the wishbones i.e. aftermarket bushes?

    Can someone post a link to the ball joints as the eurocarparts one in the thread above doesn't work.

    Or have we found anywhere that supplies the correct OEM whole wishbone?


  2. I'd be interested in what bushes í can replace... I cant seem to find any answers on what bushes can be changed...
  3. Ooo powerflex have a câncer adjust bolt like they do for the clio...
  4. *camber
  5. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Must be a mistake AFAIK the setup on the Megane doesn't allow camber adjustment via bolts?

    Actually they might be for the non RS Megane
  6. Ah ok thought í found something new lol
  7. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

  8. Are the vibra technics ones not tirares in any way?
  9. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    have the original links expired Gray? Few seem to direct to a dead page.
  10. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    hmmm... if you put your reg no. in does it direct to the parts?
  11. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    I didn't actually see the option for that mate... I did look. (As i'm after the horizontal droplink for mine)
  12. Has anyone purchased front strut top mounts from this website? There seems to be a couple different options...
  13. I'm also interested in this . . . or other sources to buy reasonably priced OEM or aftermarket top mounts?

    Are you just changing the fronts or doing something with the rear as well?
  14. I'm replacing all the shock absorbers, fitting cooksports springs new front top mounts...

    iv just this minute emailed ads to see how much the oem ones cost.
  15. Ok cool . . . I'm just trying to eliminate some knocking/creaking noises which have been around for a WHILE . . .

    Suspect it could be the front drivers side top mount so just replacing that and the other side first.

    Let us know on the cost of the OEM ones.

  16. Looking at refreshing my own 225 - she's an 08 with 168k KM on the clock.

    Based on the thread,

    L&R track rod
    2*link stabilizers
    2*control arm bushes
    2*ball joints (from other thread)

    and i'll get 2 hub bearings separately.

    Anything I've missed or should do if I'm doing the above?
  17. It probably will be them, mine sounded like a budgie according to wife.

    Though i liked to think it sounded like a rally car with the way they chirp !
  18. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    Sounds about right!
  19. Naith

    Naith RSM Admin

    I ordered the other day and the part arrived with a courier today. Good service.
  20. ty :smile:
  21. Before I go ahead with purchasing these is everything right on there..?
    Will be getting the inner tie rods from Renault
  22. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    Looks good to me.

    I wouldn't buy the shock absorbers from them, they're about the same money from Renault.
  23. Nice one thanks, I'll get them ordered now
  24. I thought the lower (track control) arms were not suitable for the 225/R26 and only normal Megs as they are missing certain bits? Check earlier on in the thread . . .

    Most people it seems rebuild their original arms with new ball joints and bushes, more info. on this earlier on in the thread also.

    I ended up ordering top mounts from Renault as I read a few stories of alternative manufactured parts failing after a short while (not sure which though).

    The shocks from Renault are about £50 each so those are cheaper but whether KYB replacements are any good I'm not sure.
  25. How hard is the rear bush on the front arms to change, is it a press in fit and arm off job? ,my front bush and ball joint are fine, cheers
  26. Hello,

    Does anybody have the part numbers of OEM shock absorbers for megane 250 cup?

    Thanks in advance
  27. Great thread – I Have the same on Polish forum :smile:
    I just would like to add that front Ball joints fits from Espace III part no. 6025308155 for example Febi part no. 22279, TRW JBJ732
    Top mounts also fits form TRW - part no. JSL290 (with bearing)
    Hub Bearings - INA BK4520 (only a bearing)
    Axle Mounting Bush - Febi 31395
  28. Gray

    Gray RSM Moderator

    Great info, I will add that to the first post.
  29. do these parts all fit a r26 or just a 225?

    I know when I put my reg into the parts section for say the link stabilizer it shows a few one with normal suspension and one with sports and then the one linked?

    just want to check before I order anything

    thanks in advance
  30. TimR26

    TimR26 South Central RSM Area Rep

    I ordered the TRW twist links and ball joints using these part numbers and they definitely fit.
  31. If your meaure your droplink I'll confirm if it's for the part number listed!
  32. As per the parts listed on here, the droplinks measure c290mm centre to centre

  33. Looking at those mister auto links... Anyone used the lemforder stuff?
  34. Yeah I used all lemfordner when refreshing my old 182 trophy, iirc they produce the OEM BMW stuff
  35. Cool... I'm looking to replace stressing arms and all sorts and it seems there stuff is much cheaper than the renault stuff...

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