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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Semtax, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Surely they can tweak that with some software updates? It has to be computer driven / controlled (the RWS).
  2. I’d have one, probably a Trophy.
    Best looking hot hatch out there IMO and after have a test of a cupped 280, is a good drive.
    I think it will be a better daily (with no track use) than the mk3.

    What will you buy instead?
  3. The civic when it gets its midlife tone down(apparently).
    New evo video just gone up on Youtube ,with Sutcliffe raving about its ability.
    Over 4 secs faster round Rockingham than the Hyundai,which really is a towering achievement.
  4. I see the test on the Trophy in EVO. Not on UK roads yet.

    RS280 made to car of the year. Last..... behind UP GTI. Still remember when the R26 made it in car of the year on foreign plates. Main problem with R26 & press was R26R was hot on its heals & stole the limelight even though both great cars (just one with 2 seats & one with 5).

    Pity the new one cannot get that Press seal of approval in a crowded marketplace.

    Another thing is the 280 or Trophy offered in Liquid Yellow? Or did they use that paint up on my car....
  5. I’m going to order a manual Trophy in Volcanic Orange or Liquid Yellow with Recaro’s and upgraded R Link in the next week or so.
    As an all round package I think it’s the best out there in this class.
  6. thought you had a M2 competition on order?

    The press have been raving about the M2 competition.
    Surprised to see it in comparison to the Alpine,but they are in the same price range.

    The Alpine really is a fantastic drivers car thats 500kg lighter than the BMW.
    Both reviewers prefer it to the BMW.

    But whos really going to hand over 50k for a car,
    thats got the same 1.8 in it as the Megane.

    The BMW`s , a far more desirable package.

    Listen to the in car engine noise inside the cabin
    Alipine screaming away at cruising pace.
    Cant even hear the BMW`s mighty lump ,nicked straight from the M3.
  8. For me it's not a better all round package. It may be a better looker than some but, it's not the fastest in a straight line, has the lower hp and lower possibilities tuning wise. The interior isn't as nice as others, isn't the best drivers car and isn't the quickest around track. If none of this matters too you then why buy a hot hatch at all. If I was buying a hot hatch the meganes probably 3-4 down the list.
  9. I still do, but it will be cancelled as soon as the deal is done on the Megane.
  10. What would you choose above the Megane?
  11. I would keep the MK3 until something better comes along
  12. like what though?nothings even in the pipeline that will set the world alight.
    Honda are supposed to also be doing a hatch version of the typer.
    Its only the looks that turn people away from the currant version.

    The revised Focus RS with added LSD would be tempting to.
    I am sure its a fine car,if not as sharp as a Meganesport.
  13. See I drove the 280 Cup and think it is an improvement on my Cup-S as a road use only daily.
    Yes it’s not perfect, but it ticks the boxes I need and I’m sure the Trophy will improve on the 280 slightly.

    I couldn’t have a few of the contenders because of how they look and have no interest in straight line speed or tuning.

    The 280 / Trophy looks the part and goes very well.
    Hence why it’s where my money will land.
  14. I would just keep the MK3, unless you need back doors.
  15. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Are you crazy?

    Megane over an M2 Comp!?
  16. I'm all over the place with what to do over a new car lol. Waited to see what the trophy would be like and initial reviews are a bit meh!, but, I will reserve judgement until its been tested on uk roads. I'm up for selling my 275 around march time and tbh a well specc'd volcanic orange, black wheeled, cup pack 280 demo or 6 month old to just drive would do me fine. Trophy prices are a little on the heavy side for what it is. A slightly used 280 would be better value and put just as much smiles on the face i think. Who knows lol. Even toyed with the idea of keeping the 275 and sticking a used 280 alongside it on the drive.
  17. I guess it depends on why you need a new car?
  18. Just would like one. Had this one 3.5 years now, the longest I've ever owned a car. Time for a change, but also want something that delivers the drive of the Meg as i sold one years ago and regretted it almost instantly. There is no need, just a want.
  19. Circumstances have changed in the time since I placed the order.
    May seem crazy, but it isn’t financially or practically, although absolutely no doubt which is the better car, but I just can’t make it work now.
  20. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Shame, M2 is an incredible car and in a different league to the MK4.

    Guess it depends what you want, the MK4 is definitely not the evolution or replacement of the mk3 that it should of been
  21. It's still early days for the MK4. The MK2 got pretty lukewarm reviews when it first appeared, both MK2 and MK3 got plenty of updates, so still plenty of time yet. It's still a good car by all accounts. Maybe not quite as sharp, but a better every day prospect, so I guess it depends what your priorities are. Would be a tough call for me between the Meg and i20, but would need to drive both and not had the chance yet. I'm sure the Civic is a weapon, but just don't think I could live with the comedy interior. The looks palein comparison to the red mess inside it.
  22. BMW I imagine will be boring. When was the last time BMW released a car that people properly raved about?
  23. ummm..Real M cars are never boring.
    The 135/140 are very fast for the money,but not a true M car.

    The M2 competition has received nothing but rave reviews with its mighty engine,and revised chassis.
    Different world money,and running wise though to Megane obviously.

    But if i had that sort of money,even though the cayman and alpine are better drivers cars.
    The M2 would still be top of my list.
  24. Yep, nothing boring about the M2 Competition
  25. Fair comment.
  26. My Mum had a 2017 C63 up until recently and I found that boring, so that’s just me I guess.
  27. Engines in these sort of cars are fantastic though, obviously.
  28. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Definitely just you if you find RWD coupes boring, some would say a fwd hatch is dull in comparison to either of the above mentioned
  29. most cars are anesthetized these days with dead electric steering
    ,and no feel, as things get more and more electronic.

    I really do miss the old school hot hatches,and even just the way older cars went down a road.

    Best steering and chassis i have ever had on a road car....My crappy work PROTON jUMBUCK pick up!

    You can throw that thing down a B road at a pace that should be impossible, for a vehicle on 175/60 tyres.
    But the chassis on the thing was nicked straight from the Satria GTI..tuned by Lotus.

    Wonderful, feelsome hydraulic steering,and suspension that never gets flustered,no matter how crap the road is.

    Sometimes i think we have actually gone backwards, in car development.
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  30. I like all types of car but handling/feel is number one priority in my book, get that sorted first then throw loads of power at it if you want.
  31. Ive just ordered a manual Trophy with Recaro’s in Volcanic Orange.
    Delivery early May (ish).
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  32. Lovely, best looking hatch for me, might not be getting the reviews expected of it, but a cracking bit of kit.

  33. megane and hyundai keep being put up against the Type R in tests and getting smashed.
    Seems a bit unfair as civic is more expensive and powerful.

    Something like the cupra,should be used for these comparison tests.
  34. CTR definitely seems to be the one to have at the moment if driving is what you are interested in. Imagine how many of them you would see if it didn’t look the way it does. I imagine like a lot of people I actually don’t mind the way it looks but as a car to drive around in daily forget about it, would be embarrassing to pull up in one in a lot of situations. I hope the Megane can overturn things though in the future.
  35. Seems a bit odd putting the Civic in that test, given that it's almost a class above the other teo. Civic Vs Megane Trophy would be interesting.
  36. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Personally, the new Type R is my favourite hot hatch at the moment. If you're gonna take the step up then I think the Evora or Alpine is a better car than the M2.
  37. But the M2 is so much more desirable,and will hold its value exceptionally well.
    Using a detuned M3 lump,that will rip up the tarmac even mildly tuned.

    Evora and Alpine are actually very similar cars with its aluminum tub.
    But questionable reliability,and boggo engines.

    If you value handling over everything,then both are better drivers cars than the M2.
    But what a great allrounder the new M2 competition is.
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  38. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    I wouldn't call a 3.5L supercharged V6 boggo and Evora's hold their value amazingly well. BMW's have more faults from factory than any other modern manufacturer so if it's reliability you're after I wouldn't go for a Beamer either.
  39. A Beamer will be a lot more reliable than an evora
  40. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Maybe, but I wouldn't buy either for reliability.

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