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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Semtax, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. You have made a point (a number of times) on the looks of the new Megane.
    What do you think on the looks of your 225? I had one previously and as good as it looked at the front, the rear and side was awful.

    If you are seriously looking at these then why are you wasting your time commenting on a Renault Megane that you quite obviously hate?
    Surely it isn’t nor has ever been a contender? You are looking at 2 door RWD coupes in a completely different price bracket.

    Out of these it has to be the Alpine if you can find one.
  2. 225 was different at that time. It was very difficult for people to understand the design. Still looks very good.

    I'm still here because I'm trying to get used to it. I watch new rs for a long time.
  3. hope you have been saving up then.
  4. very diplomatic,through gritted teeth.
  5. No gritted teeth, I don’t care if someone feels any car is ugly, I just feel that in order to fully understand and discuss opinion a degree of context is required.

    In this case the desire for context from the person that thinks it’s ugly reveals that they drive a 225 and want a 2 door £50k RWD Coupe next.
    Not sure context fully helps explain an opinion in this case.......
  6. New Meg in LY or M140 for me as I’ve always wanted an M car but could never afford to run one “properly” so this is as close as I can get! I’m waiting to see the reviews / specs and then it’s one of the two!
  7. my mate sold his fn2 jap import type R civic,
    to buy a brand new M140i in red with red leather...yuk.

    As you might just leaves him numb after the super focused FN2.
    Rocket ship..but thats all.
  8. That’s the first positive I’ve ever heard about an fn2!

    I agree it would be a bit numb compared to A LOT of other stuff but I have a clio 197 just as a track car so I’ll be happy with one as a daily and the Clio for blasting around in!

    I’ve just always wanted a RWD M car so it’s close as ha!
  9. Is a m140 a proper m car?
  10. NJH


    Not by a long shot. Why not an E46 or E90/92 M3? The later in particular is probably at the bottom of its price/condition curve.
  11. NJH


    Would it be special enough to compete with the GTI Clubsport S though? ISTR SportAuto dyno-ed their test one at 320 PS and put in a mental Nring lap time. With an extra 50 Kg weight and likely less power I can't see it personally, for sure though we can bet its just a start and they will release in typical RS form a long line of specials with less weight, Ohlins and more power.
  12. No that’s why I said it’s as close to an M car as I can get.
  13. As above, buy used, save longer or go elsewhere then.
    Compromise can often lead to disappointment.
    You want a m car, not a watered down version.
  14. Or be more realistic and afford what you can to buy / own and properly look after. Not put crap tyres on it and drive it like a grandma! Or take it to an average garage to service it!

    Where as with my meg and whatever will be next it’s run on good fuel...michelin tyres only and serviced by a reputable specialist.

    E90/92 M3 is ridiculous to run regards to fuel alone! My mate had one and that was his reason for selling. One B road run or track day and it was £100 in fuel easily!

    M3 without looking is around £500 to tax too!
  15. yes your my letters wrong! was a FD2.
    Not fast at all by todays standards,but very close in spirit to the Meganesport, in the way it goes down a twisty road.

    If you want comfort and straight line pace,in a draws no attention package,then the 140 ticks those boxes.
    i think it comes with a LSD as a option now, which would help with getting that substantial power down.
  16. This is the problem with these older premium vehicles.
    If you dont have the cash,you could be lumbered with a car you cant afford to fix.

    One of the guys at works had a E46 which had a few problems,and the repair bill was going to be in the thousands.
    So he sold that,and bought a Cayman S,which almost immediately sheered its exhaust manifold straight off the head due to poor design by Porsche.

    The bolts that hold the manifold on are tapped into the head,so if that was a Porsche garage doing the repair,it would have been a new head at god knows how much.

    Lucky for him we have mechanic friends with dealership facilities..but it was certainly a tricky job, to tap new studs into the head.
  17. The m140i isnt a watered down version imo. My dad has a brand new one with every extra possible. Sounds amazing and goes like stink. Plenty of fun to be had. I dont think they look as ridiculous as they could but i think thats due to people not putting on the m performance skirts, spoiler, exhaust. list goes on. [​IMG]20171005_160245[1] by james simpson, on Flickr

  18. God James 275. That 140i looks lovely. I'd have one in a heartbeat. And definitely over an e46 m3. Your dad have great taste.
  19. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    Must admit not so keen on the back of that one but might be a funny angle. Never driven the 140 but I guess it must be reasonably quick

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  20. @James275 that looks mega.

    And they are stupidly quick!
    Watch this it’s an M135 as I can’t find MPH of a 140 but they are basically the same!
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  21. [​IMG]20171005_160235 by james simpson, on Flickr

    yeah they're subtle. But if you heard it start up lol. makes my megane sound like 1.2.
    carbon interior. M sport lights on the doors when you open them.
    Red leather (not too everyones taste)
    alcantara steering wheel
    M sport exhaust
    M sport side skirts and spoiler
    Carbon mirrors
    Black grill
    Black wheels
    adaptive suspension
    8 speed auto
  22. Those bms are super fast and sound amazing but they still ain’t no M3 or M4. Those are leagues apart. They look amazing and are super expensive to run and maintain. That’s why the renault is great as it’s fairly cheap to buy run and maintain and you get excellent performance from it.

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  23. Correct. And that is why we all own them! They are mega the Renaults.
    My mate had an m4 and we had a little play every now and then and I must say I kept up really well to around 24mph! Ha
  24. I managed to stay with an M3 on a dual carriageway for a while but they pull at 80 on a roll as they’re just so powerful! Insane cars and sound sublime. I love that dry throttle bodyesque induction roar from them

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  25. I’ll say the opposite on M3’s. I had an E92 dct. I did not find it fast unless you rev’d hard, then it was like a train, but from low speeds it was pathetic, no torque and very little low down grunt. Granted it sounded lovely and I had the 2.5 exhaust mod and the dct box was the best I’ve ever driven. Driving dynamics were shocking, which is why I sold mine. Even a feathered throttle in a corner had its arse out. Wasn’t for me.

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  26. NJH


    There is a line of thought with these cars that eventually leads to something very different. My boss bought himself an XFR, he loved the XF so went and got a deal on one last year, there down around 20+K now. A mate of mine is also after an XKR with the same 510 horse supercharged V8. Personally I just don't get or like where BMW have gone in recent years with their M cars, far too heavy to be track cars, too hard edged to give the satisfaction of those big Jags. The XFR is hilarious, like strapping your armchair to a missile.
  27. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    This one is superb if a bit quiet SmartSelectImage_2017-12-11-17-46-17.jpg
  28. Going way off topic but I had a play with an e46 m3 other week from about 20mph, he was in front and was overtaking an extremely slow old dude on a VERY long straight after a 20 min slow drive on a twisty road. I followed as I knew he was after a blast just as I was....20 all the way to around 130. I’ve sat with a couple on track which I know think just didn’t have the balls or know how bad this thing the other week pulled easily 10 cars on me! Mine is a standard 250 rolling roaded at 275bhp. Great car the e46 and best sounding car around for me
  29. All those bm’s are rapid even some of the diesel ones. I won’t lie I’ve been been surprised by the performance of diesel BMW’s and golfs! Modern engines are extremely capable and there isn’t a lot in it, in terms of outright speed. You need a lot of power to leave anything for dead now!

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  30. RS tweeted yesterday after there being some kind of surprise announcement today. Anyone have an update on this?
  31. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    FLOL, Its nothing. Purely some Xmas marketing thing
  32. LOL.. Admittedly they got my hopes up (again)
  33. My clio 200t was very disappointing when I dyno'd it. Something like 185 or thereabouts. At the same time megane 250 did a 255. It might not have had enough fresh air, but generally 220t when they're dyno'd, they do less than 220. My fears are, that the megane IV RS will also be short on power, at least when on dyno. I hope I'm wrong.
  34. Daz

    Daz RSM Club Member

    ^^^^ I've seen a fair few dyno'd and they were making the power?
  35. There are a million factors to consider when dynoing. Accuracy, air temp, individual cars etc etc.

    Sure it’ll be fine, have faith boys

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  36. My 250 is completely standard apart from mid box chop and it rolling roaded at 275 point 4!!! Completely standard engine.
  37. Yeah, what's making me beleive that the dyno was not 100% accurate is the fact, that a drag between my clio and said megane was quite tight from standstill up to motorway speeds. Also porsche 911 996 (296 bhp) was not faster at all and that was when accelerating from 70 kph onwards. Still a friends clio 3 197 with a remap and an aftermarket exhaust was just marginally slower when accelerating uphill from 80 kph onwards.

    The other thing is, mine was 2 yrs old and it spent both winters in the showroom, as it was the dealer's wife's daily. For the first few days I had it, it was slow, it got faster after it was trashed properly. Still, I was about to change the sparkplugs and the intake, but it got stolen before I had a chance to do any performance mods to it.
  38. this has gone off topic pretty quickly!

    I still want one i think, just might wait till i can pick up a 1yr old as the 'new' price depreciation scares me..... or lease =/
  39. Yeah, sorry for offtopic.

    Any news regarding the new megane? I doubt there will be any before new year, I gues we'll be seeing some towards the end of January with possible first tests. I am hardly waiting for anything about the megane that I'm annoying myself and everyone around me.

    I'd order one right now if there was one semi-positive test + specs&price :smiley:

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