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  1. So Recaros will be an option? Brilliant!!! Hopefully Recaro give us a new seat completely!
  2. Yeah it came out right at the start

    Also the EDC will come with a diff too and that will be from launch spec
  3. Nice grey

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  4. Haha where have I been!! I really don’t know whether to go with an EDC one. One thing I do like is the paddles are fixed to the colum unlike VAG stuff.

    And them arches are fat as hell :hearteyes:

    The wheels are shocking though! They look like the kadjar style!
  5. Sorry just to confirm I meant it came out at the start about recaros but sounds like they won't be released at launch as an option. A video of an interview at Frankfurt quoted September 2018 which ties in with the q3 Jeremy at Renault UK told me in answer to when a trophy with recaros would be available.

    Re the fixed paddles, I need to drive the car. I wasn't convinced. If you are turning right and want to shift up you have you take your hand off the wheel, like turning left and shifting down. All the Porsches and the like I sat in at Frankfurt was fitted on the wheel which I much preferred. I'm not giving up hope though, might like it. Nice having the option of the manual still!
  6. got to admit, I'm loving the silver with black alloys...

  7. God, that grey colour is lovely.....
  8. For the tune-ier among us, there was a 'race-car' version / image doing the rounds perporting to have 350cv from the 1.8t engine.

    Be nice if that was true, and possible without anything too expensive!
  9. That would be very interesting. I suspect if the trophy is 300 any .R version would be 320 tops mind.

    Jeremy just responded to me to say more info 'closer to launch, it won't be here until April' which is a shame. I thought we'd have it earlier.
  10. It does look muscular for sure

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  11. You can tell there's some weight in it due to the way it's sliding and tyre squealing on those corners on the ring. Maybe some ultra badass ohlins suspension and cup 2 tyres will have to be fitted to the trophy version. I have to admit the note I see it the more I like it. I think they've got it right with the styling despite the five doors. It's styled aggressively yet it looks smart at the same time. I like the wheels all black!

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  12. Yeah apparently it's 1505kg with a driver so about 50kg up on the mk3, not too bad considering the extra size and 4ws - they must have analysed the 4ws was worth the weight addition.
  13. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    That's not too bad really tbf, shame it is quite chunky but the chassis sounds like it's a cracker
  14. Those front arches look nice and fat in this pic Screenshot_2017-11-25-17-27-11.png
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  15. Isnt that about 200kg more than a Golf R?
  16. Flared rear too
  17. Nah golf is 1400 and not sure if that's with a driver or not. Megane net is 1425 ish
  18. [[​IMG]
  19. Extreme ugly. They tried something, but they failed. The front is a total failure. I think the biggest problem is the big diamond and the space around it
  20. Porsche retained it in the gt3 even though it weighed 90kg.In tests they found the handling wasnt as good with it removed.
  21. Yep so here's hoping the mk4 gets a good write-up!
  22. That will be the initial acid test for the enthusiasts, when the decent journo's give their opinion after extended testing. I'm hoping for comments like moving the game on, or its the new handling benchmark...time will tell
  23. Do you find that you spend a lot of time alone at social events?
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  24. Yeah with the bhp 'deficit' on the likes of the civic, it's going to have to have a special chassis/suspension
  25. be fair,hes always going to get shot down on a meganesport forum.
    He has a point about the front though, above the looks like...a breadvan(pun intended).
    Renault have been hobbled by its standard, universal styling to start with though.
  26. 35849407831_5053130540_c.jpg styling a lot to be desired, compared to this looming up in your rear view mirror.
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  27. i assume it must have a new rear multi link set up.
    the hondas floorpan was completely changed to accommodate a wider track, multi link set-up.
    this seems to have made a crucial difference in its now class leading chassis.
  28. Are you a troll as you've said nothing useful so far.

    It looks good, most agree?

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  29. Having a different opinion doesnt make someone a troll. I dont think that its a good looking car either.
  30. I like that they make the effort to do these video's, makes me want one more.
  31. Drifts well
  32. In principle I would agree. However when someone says the same negative things over and over again (often without context) it makes you at a minimum look like a troll.
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  33. He is Serbian,so a possible typing language barrier there.
  34. SPECS -

    EDC 23kg heavier than the manual, big box that EDC!

    1407kg net for the manual is only 20kg on the mk3 so that's really not bad for a 5door and rear wheel steering. 355mm front discs too.

    Interested to see the gearing, manual better top end but same 0-60 time. You would expect the EDC to have the better 0-60.

    Also pleasing to see Cup chassis (with LSD!) Recaros as options. Bose will be a good addition too - hope you can spec it with Recaro's unlike the mk3 (in France) that wouldn't fit under the pax seat.

    Just the price now Renault... quotes 39,000 euro for a base spec 280, non-cup, non-recaro. Which frankly is bonkers. Needs to be almost 10k cheaper to be competitive in my opinion. Imagine what a 300 trophy with cup/recaro/bose would cost with that base price!
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  35. While manufacturers seem to be pushing 5dr I'll never be a fan. It is growing on me but I certainly won't be buying one. With all the previous hot hatchs and supercars I've owned the megane is up there with smiles per miles. I wouldn't sell my liquid yellow 265 trophy and add £20k for one.
  36. Any more vids or info yet I’m itching!!

    I see the new Alpine has faired well with Evo, that’s a good sign.

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  37. I'm trying to understand why it's so ugly for a long time. It just has too many ugly details and someone said too many doors for a sports car. I need a new car, It will certainly not be a new meg sport I'm really sorry about that. I was expecting a lot more
  38. Good that we all see things differently.
    I like what they’ve done with the standard 5 door, wider track, lower, bulging where required.
    Don’t know what more they could have done.
    Sure it’s not the best looking car, but neither is the mk3 and the mk2 definitely was not.

    What car do you have now and what are you considering instead of the new Megane?
  39. since 2005 I drive 225. I'm stuck with that car.. Next car is complicated . Must have 2 doors

    1. Alpine A110
    2. Bmw M2

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