New RenaultSport Megane

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Semtax, Dec 14, 2016.

  1. Looks good to me.
  2. I like most it apart from the five doors which spoils it IMO.

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  3. And the silver one on that video looks pretty hard!

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  4. can't wait to have a good look and test drive.
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  5. Some more images again.
    bozn.png 20171023_162204-1024x502.jpg 20171023_162204-1024x502.jpg
  6. mk2 shape,mk3 details like the blade and lower doors that a fkn chrome strip under the door glass? to go with the comedy supersized chrome badge..hope not.
  7. Don't believe that is a chrome strip on the door glass. Think its just a trick reflection of the sun.
  8. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    The more i see it the more i love it, They will look mega with a lower ride height and some good fitting wheels, Love the front arches on them, Remind me of the MK3 Clio RS. Properly chunky and not just some silly stuck on bits
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  9. I think I'm getting old, looks a bit busy styling wise imo and those wheels look mahooosive. The back end is only a spoiler away from being as bad as the Type R.
  10. Haha. And there’s me thinking it just needs a spoiler on the back. Haha.

    And I hate the new type R shape!!

  11. I think in black, with a little lower and some well fitting wheel sizes this will look mean as hell.
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  12. Agree, in the flesh these are going no to look squat as fuck with a subtle drop

    I really hope these live up to the RS pedigree
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  13. I hated it at first but it’s really growing on me!! I think the wheels are awful!!

    I always said I will swap my 250 for one and I still intend to! Liquid yellow though as it’s colour I’ve always wanted!!!

    Don’t like that grey one next to orange!
  14. I reckon its direct rival will be the Hyundai.
    Wont have the performance to match the hyper hatches.

    Its going to have to be very good, to beat the hyundai with its class leading steering and fully customized ride/engine options.
  15. Performance is in the eye of the beholder.
    If you want a point and squirt, lifeless box that will win the pub bragging 0-60 top trumps, then yes a “hyper” hatch is the one for you.
  16. The Type R looks like it was a fantasy design competition for 5 year olds with the remit "Transformers".

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  17. The Honda may look ridiculous,but it certainly is not a lifeless box.
    It was designed from the ground up to handle.
    Even the floor pan was completely changed so the seat can be mounted lower.
    Suspension is multi link,with 3 well set up modes
    It has feelsome steering,and massively strong brakes that take a lot of abuse when pushed hard.
    Its tyres were designed specifically for the car
    It has excellent supportive seats,and a perfect driving position
    Gearshift is always brilliant on Type R`s.

    Fastest round the track on every multi car test of its rivals i have seen.
    And wonderfully compliant on the road with its new revised suspension over the outgoing Honda listened to the criticism,and corrected the biggest problems with the outgoing model.

    If you are referring to VAG products, then you have a point.
    My friends brand new Golf R is a lovely place to be in,super fast..but lifeless to drive.

    The Renault is the same money as the Honda,so it needs to be fantastic.
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  18. Is the Honda a hyper hatch?
    I would call the A45 or the RS3 hyper hatches.

    The Honda is, until we know more from pricing being announced and reviews of the Megane, a direct Megane RS 4 competitor.

    Agree the Honda isn’t a lifeless box (but it also isn’t a Hyper Hatch, so wasn’t what I was referring to), but it’s just too much looks wise for me ever to be able to seriously consider it as an ownership prospect.

    My point was that extra power doesn’t compensate for how these cars drive.
    I’ve driven and owned cars that have far more power than my Cup-S, but nothing touches it for an exhilarating, involving and rewarding drive.
  19. i was referring to its direct rivals that all have more power like the Leon,Honda,RS Focus,Golf R.
    People want that power..if all that mattered was handling,then manufactures wouldnt spend millions trying to squeeze a few more HP out of there engines.
    A lot of peoples idea of a performance car,is pulling out in the fast lane of a motorway,or hammering away as fast as possible from the lights.
    They dont get anywhere near a B road.

    Yes,The AMG and RS3 are defiantly all about the performance,and not even remotely in the class..and so they shouldnt be at 50k-plus.
  20. Not everyone wants power, power, power.
    I don’t, it can compromise a set up considerably if effort isn’t made to getting the right balance.

    Do you want that power?
    If you are on this forum I’d expect you have a Megane of some sort, so would guess you don’t either.

    For me it’s hugely refreshing that Renault aren’t chasing the power. It’s not really what they’ve ever done, so why start now.
    Sure this may become a purists choice, but I think you underestimate exactly how many people that will interest.
    Here’s hoping it drives as well as the outgoing Megane as if it does it will be a far better prospect than most of the perceived competitors even with far less power.
  21. In regards to the Hondas pricing,it only has 1 option pack(GT) price cant be hiked to far north of 32k.
    As you say...its ridiculous styling will keep a lot of potential customer who actually can afford to buy it away.
    Shame,as it really does have it all.
  22. How many people on here have mapped cars?
    More than dont! yes power matters, to the majority of punters driving performance cars
    And yes,handling is why i have a Megane R26,but with 230hp it was lethargic.
    So i did my research,and had it mapped to a level that i can fully use the Meganes wonderful chassis.
    And the reason i still have it 6 years on.

    Renaultsport engines never had headline making figures,as its F4RT lump is a very old unit dating back to the Fuego in 1700cc.

    The new engine is a 1800cc unit,so with that lack of CC,you could argue that they cant match its rivals figures even if they wanted to?

    Only time will tell with the Mk4`s sales,but can you really see it selling in the thousands, with those average looks and average performance,simply because it handles better(potentially)?

    It doesnt have its price advantage now either..
  23. The fact you still run a R26 despite all of the uber powerful “hyper” hatches out there that you think are such fantastically appealing driving machines goes against elements of your own argument.

    This is in no way a dig at the R26 either, which is a great car to drive.
    Just goes to show that you don’t need all that power to have the right blend.

    Sales yet to be seen. Price and package yet to be announced. No one knows how they drive.
    Despite this you’ve made your mind up and that’s fine. I’m going to drive it before I do.
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  25. I guess we will have to wait until it's tested by the likes of evo and Chris Harris to get a fair assessment on its performance. That Hyundai is supposed to be great but I don't like how it looks. The megane and Renaults in general always have quite interesting design flair, perhaps a little understated on the RS model but it still looks very purposeful. I hope it does well but time will tell!

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  26. Got an email with your original unedited post.

    Suggest you re-read, take a breath and calm down.
    Nowhere anywhere is there a personal dig, nor is it uncivilised.

    If you must know I think your R26 is far better than most of these “hyper” hatches you seem to think will make the new Megane look poor.
  27. Craig..dont quote things i havnt said..where did i say i found `uber hatches` fantastically appealing?..i said thats the way the markets going with the mk4`s rivals

    Its a car forum,and hopefully we can debate relevant points, without letting brand bias get in the way.
  28. so why do you think i deleted it then?
  29. I think you also need to re-read my posts..i never said the mk4 wouldnt be any good,i was merely asking questions looking for debate.
  30. If that’s the way the markets going, then upmost respect to those that try something different.
    They’ll live and die by that.

    There’s no brand bias. I have said that a number of cars I’ve driven and owned with more power (sometimes much more) than my current car have nowhere near the driving excitement.
    Some people click with a brands ethos, Renaultsport have previously done so for me.
    Why are you so (apparently) against the new car?

    I’m not going to say the new car will be amazing, or dreadful, or compare to others until more details are released, and then ultimately when I’ve driven it in anger.
  31. You said “Wont have the performance to match the hyper hatches.”

    Your description of hyper hatches are Golf R, Seat Leon, Focus RS, Honda.
    If you meant straight line performance or you actually meant power (as that seems to be the crux of the argument) then I agree.
    Anything else is guesswork just now.
  32. Craig..where do you get from any of my posts that i am so against the mk4?
    I havnt said anywhere that it will be a dreadful car.??.we all know it wont be dreadful.
    I have only said the new megane isnt visually striking.
    I hope for Renaultsports sake they can make this one a winner.

    For most manufacturers, the base models are where the sales are for the brand,
    But in Renaults case,it does seem to be the class leading ability of the flagship that props up the megane brand in the UK.
    You dont seem to see many base models around.

    This is a brand new platform,engine,suspension, rear wheel steer.
    Renault,historically have ironed out kinks in evolution's of a long running model.

    ie...225,cup,trophy,f1,f126 R26R

    Lets hope they can nail it first time.
  33. We all know,it will keep up with all of these on the road and track.
    It wont be allowed not to by Renaultsport.

    If its priced in 30k bracket,(and with all this new tech,its must be).
    Thats a lot of stiff competition to compete with.
    If it doesnt have a price advantage,can it wrestle away sales?

    I am not telling...i am asking?
  35. Craig..what are you trying to prove with this? this is your comprehensive proof that i think the new mk4 will be dreadful.

    I never denied i think its not a good looking car...its my opinion..ok?
  36. the only nice bit is the mk3-esk front blade and clever driving/fog light arrangement.
    ridiculous even bigger over sized badge,and bizarre question mark lights make me cringe.

    We have a GT in our village..just blends into the crowd.

    Still,if its class leading,all will be forgotten.

    what about this one craig..funny you missed that one.
  37. CraigCup-S said:
    VAG zzzzzzzzzzzzz.
    Lol, don't be so blinkered.

    The current gen of fast VAG fwd stuff is brilliant, the VAQ diff is like witchcraft. Hopefully Renaultsport can match up to them with the MK4

    or this...
  38. enough now,anymore comments ignored,back on topic.
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  39. Not trying to prove anything and I don’t think I said you thought it would be dreadful.
    You asked me a direct question to which I responded with your own quotes.

    While I’m still interested, and to help you obtain clarity the kind of quotes that make me think you are possibly against it are:

    “looks like a Hyundai front, side and rear..anonymous styling..yuk.”

    “Renault are just falling in line with everyone else with there range of hot hatches..probally hoping to cater for the masses rather than the hardcore driver that would live with compromises for better handling.

    trophy R could possibly be the end of the line for hardcore renault hot hatches...i hope not.”

    “but thats just it..i dont think its the number 1 priority anymore.
    Its going the Golf R route..toned down to be a better allrounder.”

    “Buy your 275`s now..if you dont..the value will go through the roof when people realize,that type of focused car doesnt exist anymore.”

    “people angry with the end of the line for the true focused renaultsport!”

    “Wont have the performance to match the hyper hatches.”

    All before anyone has driven the thing.
    I apologise if I’ve incorrctly interpreted that you are on a bit of a negative spin about the mk4 RS.

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