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  1. Hi All

    Bought Liquid Yellow Trophy Number 9 about a month ago having come from Aussie V8`s so big change. Impressed with the car in general and it appears a decent example with good history. Few bits to do in particular plugs and gearbox oil. I like doing shows etc and was a very active member of the HSV/Holden FB club so hoping you lot are as friendly and active as them. Im based in the Whitchurch Shropshire area. Hope to see you out there this summer

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  2. Very welcome !!!

    You will be so impressed with just how well these renault sports handle and perform.
  3. Already am mate, my old VXR8 was a brute but cornering was ermmmm interesting to say the least. Planning on a track session at some point this summer at either Oulton Park or Anglesey
  4. Has anybody else ditched the red ring on the Trophy wheels and gone plain black?
  5. I love the colour of these cars, definitely the best choice. I would go all black on the wheels though.
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  6. yes that red ring is deffo an acquired taste thing, I just swapped the wheels and sold the 'Rings'
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  7. Hi and welcome. Quite a few of us, are at Anglesea on the 30 June.
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  8. Is there still space? I will have a look at work dates if so....
  9. Spaces
    Spaces available a while ago.
  10. Where are the details please mate
  11. Javalin track days 30th June.

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