My next car if my ticket comes in tonight

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Cazper, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    Was wading through pistonheads last night looking for a possible race car for a bit more posing in the paddock and came across this.....Sunningdale is only just down the road from me....might have to pop over there for a looksy upload_2017-9-8_11-32-29.png

    did not realise they were quite this
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  2. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

  3. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

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  4. I had a small bit of involvement with Vulcan. Mad car.
  5. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

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  7. NJH


    Whilst we are on the subject, a mate of mine raced a genuine BMW Motorsport E92 M3 GT4 with a German team Sorg Rennsport, did a few VLNs and the creventec endurance GT races. I did a model (technical not looks) in rFactor of the thing for some performance analysis and to help him learn a couple of tracks. I thought it was one of the most enjoyable cars I have ever driven on a computer game but talking it through with him the characteristics I found were pretty much what they are like. If I had many big money bags I think I would like to have a go at racing the real thing or similar on the continent.
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  8. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    what did you do?
  9. I used to be an engineer. The company I worked for was involved with it. I was on another car project at that time but I seem to remember I did a little bit of work on it.
  10. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

  11. Yeah was alright. Quite interesting. I only saw a bit of the Aston from people in my department who were working on it for the most part as I was on a shonky Ford project lol
  12. I know it's a bit of an old thread but I'm new to the site so I'm allowed to resurrect it again....a few years ago it would have to be an f40, but now it would be between an aventador with an sv bodykit or a ugr gallardo/huracan
    Those underground lambos can smoke a few meganes and most motorbikes even with turbos!!!
  13. Wouldnt go mad..Probably a Cayman GT4.
    Where we live the roads are to narrow,so anything wider,
    and you would most of the time, be half on the wrong side of the road!.
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  14. I would go with a GTR35 :smile:

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  15. 774D303D-004F-4182-B119-90785DFB2D3E.jpeg GT3 RS...... in blue.
  16. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

  17. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Gt2 RS for me I think... maybe a P1 GTR for track fun :sunglasses::tearsofjoy:

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