250 More sluggish with cone filter

Discussion in 'Mechanical - Engine, Gearbox, Exhaust etc' started by Charlie Howard, May 14, 2018.

  1. I don't know if its just me but I feel like my car is more sluggish now I've fit a cone filter. Is it just now I've got that extra sound I'm just expecting more? I know it won't be quicker but is it any slower? What are your experience if you've fitted a cone filter?
  2. Did you not basically ask this already, and we told you not bother with a cone filter, so you got one anyway, and now you're not happy... :tongueout:
  3. No not really, I asked if I'd gain performance and the answer was no which I was fine with. It's the sound I wanted, and I managed to get a filter very cheap from someone. I just wondered if anyone else had experienced performance loss.
  4. How's your IAT with the cone compared to what it was with the stock setup? Maybe you're suffering from heatsoak.
  5. Give it a few hundred miles, the ecu will take time to adapt.
  6. I'll see what it's like after a tank of fuel. What's IAT sorry?
  7. Internal Ambient Temperature i beleive
  8. Is that on the RS monitor?
  9. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Inlet temps.

    Its probably in your head tbf, Cone filter is definitely more beneficial at higher BHP levels.
  10. I'm thinking it's probably in my head but I'll check the items tonight on the RS monitor.
  11. Would be very suprised if temps am any different, with air going through a hot turbo and then through the inter cooler into the engine.
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  12. The hottest I got up to on the way home was 39C, that seems hot?
  13. It was 21C outside but still that seems very hot to me.
  14. What intercooler are you running? With my ktec induction kit and Forge intercooler on my R26 my intake temperatures are generally within a few degrees of ambient when driven on the road
  15. Just the stock one
  16. you can expect approx 0 difference on the road
  17. I am noticing temperature differences though. Almost 10C higher!
  18. What cone filter is it? Pics of how you have fitted it?
  19. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Quite normal on stock cooler. IAT's are never going to be the same as ambients....
  20. As I said, ran it on my car without issue. As above, the air is being heated by the turbo, then cooled by the intercooler, so I wouldn't worry too much.
  21. I don't imagine they would but I just remember them being around 30 with the stock airbox and now it's around 40. I just don't want to lose performance because it's running too hot is all.
  22. probally because the airbox shielded the panel filter,helping to keep the temp down.
    Obviously the cone filter is sat right next to the exhaust exposed.
  23. We're going to try and whip up a quick heat shield for it. Might switch back to the airbox in the meantime.
  24. In that foto am not seeing the cold air supply pipe from front is it still in place ? That and lack of shielding from hot engine will of course up your intake temp and deplete perfomance.
  25. Lol the cold air supply from the front wont do jack, when it's not connected to the air box
  26. should help if the air pipe is near the filter.
    Will help keep the intake temp down,rather than just sucking hot exhaust air.
    Intercooler will be doing the work,but surely it helps if the ambient intake temp is lower.
  27. Seems to be slightly better with the pipe back in place, maybe 3C.

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