Mikey4410 2008 R26 F1 black

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Mikey4410, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Really nice job there that looks great :sunglasses:

    Did you weigh the old wheel well or all of what you removed? I have been thinking about doing something similar to mine.
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  2. The aim of fitting the carbon is i love the stuff ,in that i mean its light/strong and stiff and looks the tits lol. The original wheel well weighed 5.2kgs so a little weight saving is always a bonus. The piece for the rear was £250 and the door cards where £200. And yeah i think i may go down that route with windows also
    Cheers dude
  3. Thanks so much for ure kind words.
    And yes i think we can sort something out absolutley.theres pics of them in this build if you interested in seeing the current imitation ones
  4. They look smart - was going to copy you and make my own, but buying your old ones would suit my laziness!

    When you can your battery cable through the main grommet, did you have to remove a cable tie and loads of tape from the engine bay side of the grommet? Cut my hands to buggery trying to do it and still no luck :worried:
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  5. To be fair dude the plastic alone come to £90 and then it took me around 4 hours to cut them to size and then mount door handles and the electrics etc.

    And as for the grommet thing yes i believe i did have to remove a tie and tape maybe also and i used a 10mm ball en allen key to make the gap to pass cable through AND some wd40 to lube the process as gaps very small and grippy. Hope that helps
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  6. Both my new bucket seats are now in !!

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    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Exactly the same for me with the allen key and wd40 :tearsofjoy: it was pretty tight too
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  8. Cheers for the info guys!
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  9. Car had an MOT few days ago.

    It passed but

    Advisorys are

    * play in steering rack inner joint nearside
    * Oil leak

    Both will need addressing but in pretty sure oil leak is actually where i spilt some oil down the block the other day whilst topping oil up lol
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  10. I’ve had the good old ‘play in the steering rack inner joint’ advisory.
    Probably along with every other megane owner at some point ha ha.
    I’d put my money on it actually being the rack bush with it being the nearside.
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  11. Today i went about changing the front drilled discs as they are lipped 2mm and also cracking on the vent holes


    Heres the new genuine brembo discs fitted


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  12. Hey guys,

    Unfortunately my megane fun may have come to an abrupt end. Today a friend drove the meggy and accidently shifted from end of 3rd into 2nd gear which has made the pistons hit the valves and made the car rev so high it was insane. I did a bore scope pic with my special camera and theres evidence there of the two touching


    To say i am gutted is an absolute understatement. The hours and effort that have gone into the car is mad and its so frustrating to have this happen.

    Hes said he will pay for any damage caused etc but i now have the agro of getting it to me mates and sourcing a good engine etc etc then i would want it checked on dyno /reset up timing wise to be like before and i just dont know wether i can be bothered.

    I was thinking i might sell as is as other than the engine its an amazing car with low miles and a shit load of mods,was thinking like 3.2k as is.

    What do u guys think please ? Any help and advice would be cool
  13. Gutted for you mate, forge it and fit supertec valves, wont cost anymore than Renault prices
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  14. ^^as above, gutted!

    I feel for both you and your mate (if he’s a good one) because I was driving a mates car once and the diff shat itself!
    The crazy thing is, he used to rag it everywhere and when it went, I was driving like a granny!

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    I’d have said rebuilding it would be the most cost effective scenario though, especially if you can do it yourself.
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  15. i fell for you when your pride and joy gets damaged especially by somebody else
    does the engine still runs?
  16. Chris79

    Chris79 RSM Club Member

    Sickening that is mate. It’s my biggest fear at the moment after doing all the brakes and suspension that the engine will go. Think you should keep and forge it as the amount you’ve done to the rest of the car doesn’t warrant letting it go for £3k.
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  17. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Im happy to rebuild it for you quite cheaply mate if you decide thats what you want to do. Shame I dont have the parts you need now!
    Really feel for you!
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  18. Thanks for the kind comments and advice.

    The car turns over and but bangs and coughs very strangley which is fuel and air getting places it shouldnt through wedged open and bent valves.

    Things going on in personal life currently really mean this issue is thee last thing on my mind and i dont have the time to sort it.

    I will do a listing on ebay today and post it here and hopefully a buyer will arrise as i just want it gone now.

    Ita mad how such a passion and huge hobbie can be tarnished and ruined by a single moment.so dam gutted and upset about the whole thing.fucking sucks ass.

    Shame as its the best performance car i have ever had and has been super reliable even under hard use.loved every min of it.
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  19. Don’t rush in to anything while you’re upset!

    If you can afford to give it a few days, your outlook may change.
  20. Mine last year, trouble is it happened at Spa so had to get it back home :dizzy: all good now though :sunglasses::sunglasses:


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  21. Got the engine out today.took me 8 hours to do and what an absolute bloody pig of a job
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  22. 8 hrs :dizzy: what were you doing, last time i did mine, from start to finish 2hrs 20 minutes :laughing::laughing::laughing: i have had a lot of practise recently :rage:
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  23. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Heard Renault are hiring Ian :tearsofjoy:

    Mine took longer than that to get out... although most of the time was spent trying to get rusted nuts off the hubs :tearsofjoy:
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  24. That's good going Ian lol

    Took me a good 6 hours but that was also bagging & tagging every nut, bolt, clips and brackets etc.
  25. Yesterday night and tonight was tearing down engine time and tonight i pretty much completed dismanteling.

    Heres the suspected issue confirmed....


    Every single valve was bent on exhaust side is like the above
  26. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Guessing they are all bent then? Do the piston tops look good? Any scoring in the bores?
  27. Yeah all bent just the exhaust side
    Bores are absolutley fine
    Piston tops are all indented.
  28. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    Just make sure the bores are good. If you are changing the pistons probably best to go oversized and rebore to suit them. No need to worry about clearences with original bores then. Plus if there is any scoring that will be gone.
  29. Little update :

    Heads scrap,many bits of damage on cams and rockers etc etc.

    Once i got down to the bowels/bottom end of the engine it was apparent the engine was very poorly. Spun bearings, damaged crank.....the velocity was that great the woodruff key on bottom cambelt pulley had actually been smushed and turned to dust. Quite a mess then

    So any way i have ordered a new second hand engine that was £800. Its in an ok state as far as i can see (had rocker off etc)

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  30. Big Uno

    Big Uno RSM Trader

    My engine looked worse than that at the start mate... with a bit of love and effort you will get it done. Happy to help you where I can, really feel for you its a crap situation.
    You can polish a turd :smile:
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  31. Had some time yesterday and i finally managed to fit my carbon doorcards that i have had for three months lol. I am very very happy with them and they are made so well.


    The only thing is that now the door handles have to sit above which doesnt look as nice as them mounted in the old imitation plastic door cards i had/made.

    Update coming soon on engine.
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  32. Since getting the second hand engine i fitted it as so i could gather the parts up for the build and so i had some transport.

    So i am nearly done with engine build and its a forged one ,the above pictured engine is obviously the one being used for the build as the original was fully buggered and not salvagable.

    The following is the spec of the new build.....

    * Wossner 82.7mm pistons.
    * Pec h-beam conrods.
    * ARP rod bolts.
    * Acl bearings big end.
    * Acl bearings crank.
    * Genuine renault thrust washers.
    * Genuine renault oil jets.
    * Genuine renault gaskets throughout.
    * Genuine renault headbolts.
    * Catcam uprated valve springs.
    * Supertech stainless valves.
    * Genuine renault valve stem seals.
    * Genuine renault cambelt kit.
    * Genuine renault oil pump chain/sprocket.
    * Genuine water pump.
    * Turbo rebuilt and hybridised (20t billet comp wheel) by midland turbos.

    I am hoping and would be happy with 300bhp/300ftlbs.
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  33. Poppaboost

    Poppaboost RSM Club Member

    Should be well over 300bhp with a 20t and that spec, my mates r26 makes 296bhp with a 15t on.
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  34. Tbh i think i am pretty limited with the r26r clutch and wouldnt wana over work it.

    Engine dynamics say its good for 310 ftlbs comfortably and i am guessing he will cap torque at no more than that. They more than anybody know there stuff .

    Despite a forged build i am genuinely just after a strong reliable engine with a little more poke than before and more than anything i just want it back to being my old car / as it was ,really not after big power at all
  35. Reckon you're right there! Mine was capped at 302bhp/303lbft with a 15t due to standard internals.

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  36. Few pics of whats been goin on.
    The black bags have the brembo calipers in as i dint want them getting covered in anything etc.

    I have done a bit of tarting up whilst in the bay.

    Brand new oil pump in aswell as crank pistons,rods etc


    Heres a pic of the valves and fitting them with the spring compressor,had to modify the top of my compressor to work/fit round head.


    Heres the valves all installed with the new cat cams springs and testing with ispropyl alcohol to see that the valves where infact seated well after lapping them in


    Here is he bottom end with head about to go on(thats fresh oil in bores to help lube when engine will be first started ,remenants of blue roll from cleaning cylinder walls)


    Pic of the sump all cleaned out/up and new gasket ready to go


    Piccy with the head on and hybrid turbo


    Heres the engine from another view


    Piccy with engine almost finished


    Engine ready to go in


    Engine will prob be started tommorow evening and it coincidently works with my renewal of insurance with engine and new turbo added onto policy :-)
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  37. Poppaboost

    Poppaboost RSM Club Member

    Yeah his is capped for exactly the same reason 296bhp/299lbft
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  38. Great progress!
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  39. Chris79

    Chris79 RSM Club Member

    well that was quick! Well done mate
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  40. Thanks guys for the kind words.

    Cars up and running,primed up the oil pump and made sure i had oil to the turbo before i started it.......started up fine and i held it at 3,000/3,500rpm for 10 mins and then went out round the block. All is well and i am one extremely happy man.

    Now to put some miles on it and get it mapped. Already done 60 miles round the area with lots of varied revs and i am also keeping revs up past 2k, now i shall get out on motorways and clock them miles up. Mapping is going to be next week so i have no choice but to get them miles on her quick !!
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