Mikey4410 2008 R26 F1 black

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by Mikey4410, Aug 9, 2017.

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    Really nice job there that looks great :sunglasses:

    Did you weigh the old wheel well or all of what you removed? I have been thinking about doing something similar to mine.
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  2. The aim of fitting the carbon is i love the stuff ,in that i mean its light/strong and stiff and looks the tits lol. The original wheel well weighed 5.2kgs so a little weight saving is always a bonus. The piece for the rear was £250 and the door cards where £200. And yeah i think i may go down that route with windows also
    Cheers dude
  3. Thanks so much for ure kind words.
    And yes i think we can sort something out absolutley.theres pics of them in this build if you interested in seeing the current imitation ones
  4. They look smart - was going to copy you and make my own, but buying your old ones would suit my laziness!

    When you can your battery cable through the main grommet, did you have to remove a cable tie and loads of tape from the engine bay side of the grommet? Cut my hands to buggery trying to do it and still no luck :worried:
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  5. To be fair dude the plastic alone come to £90 and then it took me around 4 hours to cut them to size and then mount door handles and the electrics etc.

    And as for the grommet thing yes i believe i did have to remove a tie and tape maybe also and i used a 10mm ball en allen key to make the gap to pass cable through AND some wd40 to lube the process as gaps very small and grippy. Hope that helps
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  6. Both my new bucket seats are now in !!

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    Exactly the same for me with the allen key and wd40 :tearsofjoy: it was pretty tight too
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  8. Cheers for the info guys!
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  9. Car had an MOT few days ago.

    It passed but

    Advisorys are

    * play in steering rack inner joint nearside
    * Oil leak

    Both will need addressing but in pretty sure oil leak is actually where i spilt some oil down the block the other day whilst topping oil up lol
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  10. I’ve had the good old ‘play in the steering rack inner joint’ advisory.
    Probably along with every other megane owner at some point ha ha.
    I’d put my money on it actually being the rack bush with it being the nearside.
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