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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Paul21, Nov 20, 2017.

  1. Was planning on getting a 250 in the near future but myt be getting one more sooner than i thought. I would be upgrading from a 225, just wondering what sort of car to expect in general and what things to look out for, when looking on buying one.

  2. I'm sure the real experts will be along to help, but the main things to look for are knocks and creaks from the front end that could indicate worn ball joints and the like. Also I believe cam belt changes are reasonably expensive, so worth trying to get one where it's been done fairly recently.

    They seem to be fairly tough to be honest though, probably more so than some older Renaults.

    What sort of budget are you thinking of? As cars with desirable options (Cup chassis, Recaro, Xenon, RS Monitor etc) tend to fetch a bit more. There seems to have been some bargains around lately though.
  3. Well about £9000. I know that doesn't seem much. I have seen a few for this price. I won't ever use it on a track, I want a daily drivable that's fairly quick. I know the people rave about the cup chassis as it has the limited slip diff. Would that really make much difference for me on the road though as like I say I won't ever be racing it on track.
  4. It certainly seems to be possible to get one for that sort of money these days, though you probably won't have the biggest choice. I must say that I've not driven one without the Cup chassis so can't comment too much. I think I would try to get one, as it will make it a bit easier when you come to sell it and it's just nice to have. Red calipers have got to be worth at least 50bhp too lol.
  5. I have heard this about red calipers adding 50bhp, I thought that was a big secret though, that only a select few Anything special about the RS Monitor?
  6. It's ok, we can talk about the secret in the sanctuary of the forum lol.

    Mine has the RS Monitor. It's a fun little gimmick; allows you to tweak the throttle map and shows some stuff on screen but, to be honest, after you've flicked through it a couple of times, shown it to your mates, you will probably never touch it again lol. I think mine has been turned on three times in the eight months I've had the car.

    The options I would be looking for are Xenon's, LED DRLs, Cup chassis and Recaro seats. It might be difficult to get them all in your budget, but they are the nice ones to have. They can be retrofitted later of course.

    It's better to get a full fat car if possible, rather than a Cup, as they have dual zone climate control instead of regular air con and heated leather (unheated if Recaro).

    Either way though, you should have a lot of fun in one!
  7. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    I got one recently 2012 plate 50k full fat, apart from xeons, and cup, for £9.5k, so there are some out there
  8. I have now brought myself one. I have to say I'm impressed. I'm going to give renault a cool to see if it is a cup, if it is it will be a cup with upgrades. It puts it power no problem. Does have the red calipers too.
  9. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    If it has red calipers it should be cup pack :tongueout:
  10. Welcome to the fold Paul! Get some pictures up when you can
  11. I'm hoping it is a cup. I will have to get some photos. Should have done it on the day as it was gleaming. Ive never been so impressed with a car. On my day off from work I'll be taking it for a nice long drive. Haven't had chance since I brought it.
  12. If it's got red calipers, cloth and manual air con, the chances are that it's a cup. If it's got red calipers, leather and climate control, the chances are that it's a lux with cup chassis.

    Great car either way.
  13. Red calipers with leather and climate control that's what it has got.

    Feels awesome
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  14. Enjoy it Paul, hope to get to see it in the flesh one day :sunglasses:
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  15. Well are you planning on heading up to rstuning when your car is all sorted?
  16. Yes will sure be going to Paul, he has said it will only need a tweak. will more than likely book a day at Oulton the following day, just to try it out you see.
  17. Do you have any idea when? Was planning in the early months of next year some time on heading up there as my mate is planning on having a hybrid turbo fitted to his Focus ST from pumaspeed which is in Leeds. So makes sense to go together up there together.
  18. I was planing something like mid to late February, it will all depend on what dates Oulton release, I have found a great place to stay near Oulton Park, i have also found a Chinese close by that will serve real Chinese, not that stuff from a takeaway.

    Last year i did Silverstone at the end of Feburary , so that might be also possible
  19. Was looking around March to go. I have been to Silverstone before, not raced around it though. Is oulton park good then?. Real Chinese, that's a
  20. The way things are going atm it might be around that time, Silverstone was good but was lacking in straight line speed compared to what was there. I would say, for me anyway, Oulton Park is at the top of my list of tracks, not to long straights and quite technical, you don't tend to get many Super cars there as they can't get away from the Megane's and Clio's :sunglasses:

    I went last year and got talking to the owners of the Chinese and they were quite happy to cook authentic food, went back about 6 weeks later and it was so enjoyable they just kept the dish's coming, we didn't order anything we left it up to them.
  21. How much does a typical session around oulton park cost?. Bet thats quite a site, megane's and clio's keeping up with higher powered performance

    Sounds like the perfect place for food, some of the best food you have tasted then?

    Here is photo of my 250

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  22. A typical session is about £139, it is a great circuit.
    best food, for a Chinese yes, but you can't beet a good curry :sunglasses:
    Car looks good, how much fuel did you get through then ????
  23. How many laps does that involve?. See im not really a curry person to be honest but chinese on the other hand i quite enjoy. Well did just over a hundred miles so not that much really. Weather was pretty crap today, otherwsise would havd done more.
  24. Chinese FTW lol
  25. As many laps as you want, normally open pit lane so you can please yourself how many you want to do, i got carried away there and did a 40 minute stint, 20 minutes is normally a good stint.
    I do like a good curry but that Chinese was well worth trying.

    Just had a look to see if i had a video of Oulton, but i think its saved on my back up drive.
  26. Have to love chow meins .lol
  27. You going to join us then ????
  28. Thats a good price. Think i would do the same if i ever was to go on, bet time goes quick when your having fun round there.

    That would have been interesting to watch. Was there many people there last time you went?
  29. This is not English Chinese it's Chinese Chinese :sunglasses:
  30. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    I might join this 250 band of brothers, trailer is up for sale so hopefully can get the bigger one to get it on....yours would fit on the new one Ian........haha
  31. Well made need to experience me some of that:smile:
  32. Yes the time does go quick, out for 20 minutes and in for 20 minutes is a good plan.
    You might have to wait for a couple of minutes in the pit lane as they keep the number of cars on track down.
    I will down load if you want, i have a great one at Spa in October
  33. I appreciate your assistance in the past, but i don't want to take any more advantage of you kindness :laughing::laughing::laughing:
  34. Trouble is any other Chinese after is a bit boring
    Will need to phone them nearer the time with the date and the number of people, the accommodation i found was great, it's a pub and the other is a right character and the breakfast was amazing.
  35. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    Hopefully you won't need's to a more successful 2018 matey
  36. And more track days hopefully :sunglasses::sunglasses:
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  37. Was bloody wet that day!. Looked alot of fun though, Can see why people go on track days.

    Wouldnt mind ago to be honest.
  38. I think you should!
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  39. Is there a few people planning on going?
  40. I think nearer the time we could see who is interested, i think for most it's a bit far away and there is Christmas in the way to be honest

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