Megane 250 black insert headlights

Discussion in 'Exterior & Bodywork' started by Paul21, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Does anybody have a link for the black insert headlights for the megane 250. Ones that are definitely RHD as I have messaged various sellers on eBay but have had no reply as of yet.

  2. Have had a message back now saying they are DEPO ones but are definetly RHD
  3. IMG_2279.JPG I painted mine, pretty simple
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  4. I think they are all generally DEPO ones on eBay. I've been told they are Right hand drive by a seller I emailed but there have been people who have ordered them and they have been left hand drive. Yet again some people say there fine being Left hand drive others say there not. So not entirely sure what to do about buying them
  5. I would have ago at doing this myself, but just worried about sealing them properly when putting them back together
  6. Same, I managed to melt my PS3 by trying to reflow the board in the oven. Putting the headlights in there I'm asking for trouble :tearsofjoy:
  7. Opening them up doesn't worry me it's just re sealing them. I have done them on a fiesta z-tec s I had but the headlights were cheap to pick up so wouldn't have been a problem if I did mess them up. If I could get a spare set of standard lights for cheapest then I would have a go.
  8. What temp and how long did you need to keep them in the oven to soften the sealer? Thanks

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  9. I think if you were to put them in the oven(that's if you have a big enough one, I know they wouldn't fit in You would have to put it on low and keep a very close eye on it. Have you got a heat gun?. Or even a hair dryer?.
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  10. Yea good idea I'll use the heat gun, your prob right they look massive the headlights, how much are a set of black ones to save the hassle and maybe balling them up?

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  11. IMG_3350.PNG Heat gun, hair dryer is fine, no way were mine fitting in the oven!

    Just need something to pry them open with like a blunt filling knife etc

    Just buy some tigar seal to resealable the units, never had an issue 18 months down the line now
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  12. Cheers for that Gaz, I'll give that a go and report back how I get on, with some good after pictures hopefully, thanks bud

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  13. They are £165, I have found a company which isn't far away(driving distance) that sell them and there apparently right hand drive, so might just give them a try.
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  14. Let me know if you get a set and if they do postage I may like a set rather than butchering the originals

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  15. Hopefully will be by the end of this week or next week. They do, do postage. I would just order them if I knew for definet that they were RHD but would rather see first hand that they are.
  16. Brought a set of black insert headlights. Fitted them today. Look 10 times better. Photos don't do them justice.

    Before and after. Opposite sides
    20180112_163815.jpg 20180112_163837.jpg
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  17. I ended up splitting mine and spraying the inserts black, looks much better

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  18. Looks so much more aggressive. These should have been standard from the factory.
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