Megane 250/265 Parts

Discussion in 'Car Parts For Sale' started by Drunken Master, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. I’ve got it, spoiler has been sold separately though.
  2. Fuel pump/container to fit into tank directly. £100

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  3. Gloss black plastics

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  4. How much for the plastics bud
  5. Did you have a look for boot matt mate? Cheers
  6. Hi Jack,

    Yes I’ve got one, it’s in not bad condition but it’s not immaculate. I could do it for £30 plus postage?
  7. Hi mate, do you have any drive shafts
  8. Sorry mate, both sold
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  9. How much for the gloss black interior plastic trims?
  10. All trims sold, sorry
  11. Passenger side wing mirror, no cover cap or glass £45

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  12. Have you got any lower arms w/ ball joint in good condition?
  13. Sorry no lower arms
  14. Headlining, pillars, sunvisors, grab handles and hook?

    If they are black that is
  15. Definitely got the sun visors, can do both for £40

    Think I may have the pillars, if so £20

    No hook or headlining
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  16. Do you still have any of the following :

    Black rear view mirror and black plastic around it for sensor

    Black sunvisors visors and clips

    Black interior a panel
    Black interior b psnel
    Black roof lining clips for shirts
    Black grab handle
    Black microphone cover in roof lining
  17. Hi
    Where abouts are you?
  18. Bristol
  19. Can you post passenger mirror including for £45
  20. ?
  21. Sorry passenger wing mirror is gone
  22. Ok thanks

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