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  1. After a couple of emotional days I’ve decided to sell my lunar grey R26.r number 49 of 230

    Let’s start by saying it’s not a standard garage queen and actually sees the light of day and track

    She is currently on 28k miles and has the following upgrades / new parts fitted (was originally owned by RS tuning from new and all engine upgrades done by them inc mapping)

    Forged bottom end (RS tuning)
    630 injectors (RS tuning)
    Hybrid turbo (RS tuning)
    FMIC (RS tuning)
    Reyland brake upgrade 330mm rotors on ally bells (RS tuning)
    New R26.r front shocks (RS tuning)
    Swirl pot and external fuel pump with FPR upgrade (RS tuning)
    Running a nice safe 320bhp (RS tuning mapped)

    CGR inconel down pipe with full titanium exhaust system weighs 8kg turbo back inc vbands and brackets

    New SMF and R26.r clutch

    Refurbished hubs inc swivel bearings and wheel bearings with grease bolts

    Refurbished lower arms with powerflex front and rear poly bushes and ball joints

    Brand new anti rotation links and drop links (trw)
    Brand new track control arms and ends (genuine Renault)
    All new abs line brackets
    New front wheel arch liners
    New splitter and fog blanks
    New thermostat and seal
    New water temp sensor
    New AC pressure sensor
    New throttle body pipe
    Replaced throttle body
    New engine mounts with top and gearbox powerflex poly bush inserts
    New front and rear PBS pads
    New Beru coil packs
    New plugs and filters and fluids (engine and box run on millers)
    Std black R26.r alloy wheels with Michelin cup2 tyres
    New yuasa battery
    Replacement engine undertray and new bolts
    New bumper clips and arch screws (only used oe stuff)
    Aircon re gassed and checked (works perfectly)
    I removed all the belts and gave them a good clean and reinstalled them making sure everything was tight and correct

    I own a clone version of clip so went through all systems making sure she runs perfectly

    Car drove to spa and back and round the track with out any issues

    Comes with 2 keys
    Presentation pack
    Service history
    All paper work for things I’ve done
    MOT was done by CGR on 4th June 2018

    I also have a a set of AST 5100 suspension that I just bought available at extra cost should buyer want them

    Car has a stereo in but I do have the original blank so can be made original

    Car has wanted for nothing in my care and have spent a great deal of time and money making her as best I can. There are a few odd marks here and there but she is 10 years old and as I said I drive it instead of hiding away

    All electrics work as they should I changed headlight bulbs as one was out (not a fun job)

    Car has the half cage from factory along with carbon bonnet and Perspex windows etc

    I will have the cambelt and aux belt changed for new buyer so it’s all nice and new

    fee free to call Paul at RS tuning to talk about the car

    I bought the car off Tara N Paul Blezard
    At the beginning of the year and have enjoyed it since

    I’m going to price the car at £22000
    It’s strong money for a non standard R but it’s mine and I’ve got a lot invested into her

    I’m happy to discuss with anyone interested (genuine inquiries) and your very welcome to come see the car have a good look round her I’ll take you out for a blast etc

    I may have missed a few small things I’ve replaced / renewed so bare with me


    (AST suspension is separate and not included at this price)

    Many thanks for viewing

    I’ve just ordered a brand new replacement bonnet decal from Renault to replace the one that’s missing


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  2. Awesome car and best of luck with the sale
  3. Absolutely stunning good luck with the sale. What's next?

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  4. Charlie Howard

    Charlie Howard RSM Club Member

    Take me out in it before you sell it mate? :wink::tongueout:

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