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  1. Hi all was planning on selling my 250 after 6 years of ownership however I’ve decided due to finances mainly and the fact I still love the thing I’ll be keeping it another year. I only wanted to swap as I want a 5 door now I have my first baby.

    Anyway I want to do something to the car to make it feel “new / different” again.

    What are the HR springs like from lads who have them on? I have read a few threads on here about them knocking / not making a difference?!

    I only want them for visual not performance really.

    Any ideas about things I could do to it. I’ve had it 6 years totally standard only ever had mid box chop. I don’t fancy a map as I’ve a few mates with bluefins and 2 lads with custom RST maps and there is absolutely eff all in it in gear or standing.

    Thanks all.
  2. I have been looking at H&R and Cooksport springs. The H&R springs seem to be a little lower than the cooksports.
  3. I’ve got HR springs and I think they make the car look much better, 35mm lower all round. No knocking for me but I do also have 20mm wheel spacers all round too

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  4. @Mclynes I just had h&r springs fitted and got 20mm spacers all round, I'm getting some rubbing on the rear passenger tyre when on uneven roads or going over humps, do you get this as well?
  5. On the rear yes very slightly but only when heavy load in boot or passengers in rear. I don’t get it when driving on uneven roads but then I try to avoid them

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  6. Mine seems to be worse than yours. I just got it lowered and put the spacers on 2 days ago and all I have in my boot is old springs and bolts plus the spare wheel and jack etc. So nothing too heavy.

    They seem to rub quite often, I took it to my local garage who said I could reduce the spacer to 15mm. They look so perfect with 20mm spacers though.
  7. What tyres do you run on the back and what sort of depth are they? When I got my fitted I have conti 5s with 2mm of tread left on rear and currently got uniroyals with 3.5-4mm on rear but still don’t get any rubbing in rear, I have noticed that my rear wheels are cambered slightly, do you have the 19inch?

    And yes imo should have come from factory as it sits now!

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  8. At the moment I have PS2s that I think will need changing soon, but I'm not 100% certain about that.

    Nah I have the 18" Cup wheels, don't like the 19s asked for them to be switched over when I bought my car.
  9. What’s the tyre size on the 18s then? On 19 it’s 235/35 so very shallow!

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  10. Pretty sure I have 235/35 but I'd have to double check that, if I have 40 then at least I know I can go down to 35
  11. Yeah I think standard tyre size can be 225/35 but not 100% sure on that! I did think when I got my springs fitted that the passenger side looked to sit a few mm lower but It’s so minute I didn’t fuss over it! Got any photos of the car?

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  12. Only photo I got, when I picked the car up on Tuesday
  13. Standard size on my CUP 250 was 235/40/18
  14. Your rears are much lower than mine, I’ll post pic

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  15. [​IMG]

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  16. My tyres are 235/40.. I was having a look for 235/35 but you can't that size tyre for 18" wheels from the looks of things.

    Also the front of my car seems to be higher than I thought it would be. I bought the springs second hand but they're in good condition. Bought them off someone from the Facebook group.
  17. Got the rear spacers taken off, and no more rubbing.

    He said I could get a way with a 15mm spacer maybe, but 12mm to be safe.
  18. Did having spacers change the handling?
  19. I'm not sure to be honest.. I still need to get the alingment done, so the car feels a bit crap at the moment.

    I've only had the rear spacers taken off though.
  20. What alignment settings should be used for normal road use on H&R springs?
  21. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    It's only toe adjustable so neutral or a touch of tie out depending on preference
  22. RHK3, I recently had mine lowered. Ive not had an alignment done yet, but the car feels very solid. Maybe you have other issues if it feels crap to drive?
  23. I had a lot of other bits changed also, so I'm assuming my tracking is a lot more out than yours, plus I think I need new tyres soon

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