Knocking noise from driver side suspension area

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  1. Hey all,

    I have a mk3 cup, fitted with ast 5100.
    Couple of days ago I got this knocking noise from the left side of the car (my car is with a left driver).

    Attached videos of the noise.

    Where can this be coming from?

    Anti rotation link?
    Bad coilover?

    Appreciate your help,


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  2. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    check the top nut
  3. Of the coilover? What to check?

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  4. Id be checking the top nut was tight first also. The noise does sound quite clear and high up
  5. Thanks, I will.

    Were talking about the nut in the top of the coilover right?

    I should be able to right it from above without disassemble anything right?

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  6. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    where the coilover goes through the top mount - there's a big nut

    Tighten it up

    You might have to take the scuttle panel and stuff off to get access - can't remember on the megane but I had the same noise on my clio and the top nut was slightly loose. Rattle gunned it and noise went away
  7. Thanks!

    It has to be tighten with an impact wrench or can be done manually?

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  8. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    You can do it manually. I'm just lazy :smile:
  9. Manually it is :smile:

    I saw there is a hex hole on the end of the bolt. I should hold it using a hex wrench, and then tighten it using a spanner I guess?

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  10. RSPhil

    RSPhil RSM Club Member

    Yeah usually a hex key in the middle and a swan neck ring spanner on the nut
  11. It’s quite vivid and bright not the heavier clonk of suspension almost sounds like in cabin sure hope it’s top mount though as that’s easy fix
  12. It fixed it!

    Easiest job I've done, didn't even need the hex key.

    Thanks all for you help

    Happy new year!

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  13. I've got knocking from my drivers side front as well. Not same as yours as suspension is stock still.

    Finding it hard to distinguish exactly what it is but think its lower or upper hub pivot or potentially the suspension arm?

    Unlikely to be shock but going to have to get it on ramp to be certain.

    Can you change the upper & lower without doing the bearing in the arm or best to do all 3 each side?


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