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  1. Hi all. Just wondering how much I should be looking at labour wise to fit a few parts?
    Discs and pads all round.
    New springs.

    I have got a quote, but that includes fixing either 1 or possibly both swivel joints. I think I need them to break down the costs.

    Thanks guys
  2. Discs and pads all round - if you've got the right tools - can be done at zero labour cost of you're wanting to try it yourself. I've done mine before MOT and it passed so it was clearly done right (safe)! :smile: - All I needed was the right socket sizes and a caliper rewind tool. Rewind tool a few quid from eBay and begged and borrowed some sockets that I didn't already have. The other bits you mention, I'd be looking at probably no more than a couple/few hundred £.

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  3. For all of that at a specialist who knows what they're doing, probably 3-4 hours labour.
  4. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    As above 3-4 hrs
  5. Ive been quoted £572 to fit springs, brakes and repair 1 ball joint.
    Or £746 if it needs both ball joints doing.

    Thats with me providing the brake parts and springs.
  6. Where at?
  7. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    I pay about £75 hr, so should be about £300 labour for springs and disks
  8. £75 an hour!

    My local specialist is £48 an hour.
  9. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Maybe it's less then lol, will have a look when I get hone
  10. Its at Aarons autos. I was hoping to get a quote from Diamond as well but they are off for another week.
  11. Try Beaniesport in Newport Pagnell, not far from you is it?

    They do a lot of Renault stuff.
  12. Just spoken to Chris at Beaniesport.

    £324 to fit everything and then possibly extra for the slight knocking.
  13. Told you!

    That's sort of the figure i had in my head.
  14. I think he is about £60 per hour including VAT
  15. More expensive down south :tearsofjoy:
  16. Blimey, I feel blessed... for discs and pads all round, labour only - 80 quid, cash in hand... car picked up and dropped off by my local guy :-)
  17. Ooh that is cheap
  18. Chris at beaniesport fitted my bilstein coilovers and serviced my RS265 last feb. He done superb job, very professional. I need to give him a bell end of this month to book another service come to think of it.
  19. I have also called Armstrong autos in Luton who have quoted a good price, so may go there.

    Just got to decide between cooksport or H&R springs.
  20. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Don't get cocksports
  21. Oh right, why is that?
  22. They snap
  23. Ah that doesnt sound good. Is it common that they snap? Or is it just a few but everyone remembers the few?

    Anyone know the cheapest place for H&Rs? Is there a particular product code to order?
  24. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Not heard of any snapping on the Meg mk3, very common on the Cilo 182. I found them to hard and crashy, much happier back on the Cup springs. If i changed again it would be H&R or Grams
  25. I will probably go for H&R then. I see that Ktec have fairly good prices. Will it need a geo check after fitting?
  26. Well I am booked into Armstrong Autos in Luton. I will see what they thi k about getting a geo done. Will probably play safe and go for H&Rs from Ktec
  27. If you do anything to the suspension, it's good practice to have the geometry checked afterwards, just to be sure everything is right.
  28. Yeah I think I will get 1 done. Might leave it a week for the car to settle though.
  29. Yep, the toe-in angle changes as the suspension compresses / decompresses due to the way that track rods travel in an arc when looking at them from the front or rear of the car. So when lowering, you are effectively fixing the suspension in a new compressed position.

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  30. Well had my car in at Armstrong Autos in Luton today. Kevin is a great guy and really knows his stuff, probably helped by him having a MK3 RS as well. I can highly recommend them.
  31. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

  32. I live in Northamptonshire
  33. 20180115_161215.jpg
  34. Desperately needs a wash......Cooksports after fitting. A week on, its probably a touch lower now.
  35. Has it had an impact on the ride?
  36. The ride is very similar to standard, just a touch firmer. Cant comment much on the handling yet though as its permanently dark and wet!

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