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***How Much Is My Car Worth?***

Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Naith, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. stormbringger


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    Renault RS 230 Team F1
    I've been told by loads of people to hang on to my R26 and not sell as they will go up in price especially Average /low miles and good condition in right colour(Liquid yellow or white) and not to far from original spec or easy to put back to standard if wanted.
    I think we will see R26 prices rocket over the next 5 years .Autocar article eluded to this as the one to buy along with its track brother the R26R .
    £8k for a mint R26 will seem cheap in 5 years .
  2. R26


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    Better than yours.
    I'm not sure about rocket, good ones will always command a premium, the more that are written off the better your prospects. One thing that would cause me to question your theory is we have a plethora of hot hatches around, very good ones that have moved on from the R26, these will soon become very cheap. The R26r's prospects will be helped by the limited numbers, the R26 although numbered, were never limited. Obviously it's your money your car, if I were to keep a car mint in the hope it will appreciate, it would be something that is limited or mental, ie the V6.
  3. svm


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    Can't see it, based on my experience of virtually zero interest when trying to sell mine. Folk have moved onto the newer models, and whilst a mint one with the right mods might get a good price if right buyer's in place, for the majority I don't think there's hope of getting much more than trade-in value for these cars.
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  4. Frimley111R


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    Megane R26 F1
    I'd echo the above. I've been looking for a couple of months for an R26 and very few cars have sold. It's not helped by there not being many on sale so often good ones are a long long way away. The R26R will hold and increase its value but only R26 models with low miles and perfect history are likely to see any meaningful gains. Even then they will be smallish.

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