Higher hp? What tyres?

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  1. Question for you guys... my car is tuned up now just shy of 350bhp 390f/lb. I’ve got Michelin pilot sport 4s tyres which were great before the tune but now can’t get the power down in anything under 3rd gear (which still slips a little) in the dry and 4th gear when it’s damp.

    What do you higher hp drivers put on yours and does it grip? Road use tyres by the way.

    Thanks as always.
  2. Not so much to do with tyres more contact patch. Why do you think performance cars/ super cars have wide tyres on, more traction.
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  3. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Stop driving it so hard ? :tongueout:
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  4. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Or get it mapped to make it more driveable.

    I have no issues with traction bar the usual 1st with 365/385
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  6. Thanks Jamie. Got it mapped at rs tuning so should be a good map?

    If I can ask since you’ve been nice enough to reply to a few of my posts?If you get that power down on the ground what are you running differently? I’ve got the 19 inch wheels with pilot sport 4s tyres and H&r lowering springs.
  7. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Should be but don't believe that RST is the be all and end of tuning them. You must get a whole load of boost and torque at once to spin up in the dry in those gears, which doesn't sound ideal.

    I run AD08Rs and have in 235 with no issues, currently on 255 width AD08Rs and ASTs with a decent amount of camber which if anything, is detrimental to traction.

    I have my 235 conti winter tyres on it st the moment and still don't have any real issues with getting the power down.

    May be worth playing with pressures a bit, potentially too high causing the issues, especially if your running PS4S'
  8. Tha

    Thanks Jamie. I did look at the yokos initially as a first choice but living in the Peak District and the accompanying rain I thought the ps4s’ might hold up better.

    You’re probably right. I know they were really pushing the turbo as it’s a stage 1 hybrid so they may have had to max it to get the power I was asking the for.
  9. Will just be the fact you've got a massive boost/torque spike low down, feed the throttle in abit more and that will help
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  10. Cazper

    Cazper RSM Club Member

    Get a hyundai i10. You wont have traction issues then...haha
    I have a hybrid 250 with similar power to yours and I noticed it was a lot easier to spin the wheels the first few times i drove it. Like the others have said I think it's a case of learning how to feed in the power and learning where the revs and throttle position are banging out out the torque. I still have to work this out on mine as only just got it.
    With powerful bikes and cars you just can't expect to hammer the throttle and expect grip and traction all the time. I have sticky tyres on the m5 and even hot in the dry you can light them up easily if not careful and they are pretty wide

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