1. Hey, im Jamie, 27 from Falkirk, Central Scotland.

    Currently drive a polo 6r, looking to change to a 265
  2. Well good luck to you sir, the 265 was not a huge seller for reno, lots more 250’s around and virtual same car, let us know how get on though
  3. I've seen a few i like
  4. Good decision.Plenty of 250/265/275 around. Buy a cup spec with the best kit you can with as you'll always want what you haven't got. I've had all 3 and love them especially my current chariot
    good hunting
  5. Welcome matey peep.
  6. Really? I never knew that.
  7. Being honest I'm waiting on all those RS3 being traded in when people go to buy the new one! decent spec one should pop up for good money. there is a few just now i like

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