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  1. Afternoon everyone,

    Picked up my first Reno yesterday, a RS250 Cup, parting with my highly modified Mini JCW.

    Here she is -


    Shes had a few bits done - Decat, KTR Intake, Bilstein Coilovers, CAE Shifter among other bits.
    It is not yet mapped and i am missing the low down torque so first things first, i am going to book in with EFI or RS Tuning for late Jan.

    I plan on tracking it at Cadwell, Angelsey as well as my annual Nurburging roadtrip next autumn (and how many others i can squeeze in!)


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  2. You not tempted to go to blyton as it's not too far from you?
    Not been to many track days myself so that's where I'll be sometime next year once the pads are swapped and I find something a bit better than rainsport 3s for the track :smile:
  3. Ive been before mate, after driving a few other tracks i'm not planning on returning, its OK for a first trackday to get a feel for the car but if you've already been on a few you'll be bored after one stint.

    There is always between 5 - 10 of us from the local area, various cars, tracking through the summer, more the merrier if you want to tag along :smile:

    Yeah dont take rainsports anywhere other than to the shops haha! I'm currently running NS2R however ill probably replace these with AD08R
  4. I was recommended them as a good road tyre especially for us up north :sweatsmile:to replace the budgets the wombat who owned the car before put on (no idea how he smashed a set In12000 miles but there we go)
    Id like to get to grips with the car at a place where I can't realistically bin it into a wall first so ideal for myself .
  5. Cant take away there wet grip ability but anything other than wet, the sidewalls are like jelly and overheat, the car will squirm all over! In that case blyton is probably a good choice, although if you drive within your limits any track is ok, my first trackday was at nurburgring on a TF session, it was chaos!
  6. I've got a mate who has been to blyton in his e46 M3 and loved it.
    We have both been to Nurburgring on a TF and spent most of the time bricking it going round at 40 thinking we were gunna bin it at any moment (wet Nurburgring isn't fun!!!)
    Also there's that voice in the back of your head saying if it breaks down or you bin it there you are Fu***d least over here it's a push out and a call to the AA
  7. haha it is a bit daunting at first i settled in quite well after a few laps, still dont get used to the old e36 and e46 m3s flying by. I couldnt stop thinking about the repercussions of crashing before i went on, once i went on they went out of the window haha. Be remortgaging house if you crashed there, its not worth thinking about.
  8. That is lovely mate :smile:

    Where about in Sheffield you from? I am in Killamarsh.
  9. Swinton (Mexborough), no one outside of the area knows these places so i have to put Sheffield! I work near meadowhall though.
  10. Can't help going on YouTube though the night before and looking at the Megane that goes flying through the air :dizzy:

    I'll be saving up to go over again probably next year - this year the missus is wanting an Italian road trip.

    I need to find a way to make it more affordable though - cost us well over a grand each this year before we got laps in (my mates car needed towing off from kaurssel so ended up being more like 2k for him)
  11. Yeah we will be heading over early september, it aint cheap, we went from Hull to Bruges so the ferry was a big cost! Damn thats unlucky, we all came away with no breakdowns or crashes, somehow.
  12. Didn't think of the ferry we went on the tunnel... we were there for 5 days though Probs should look at a weekend maybe
  13. Yeah we went thurs evening arrived friday morning and got ferry back sunday evening, back in hull monday morn
  14. It's always worth getting some tuition for your first time on a new track, it's well worth the £20-30
  15. Agreed, best money spent usually
  16. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    Evening, I know Swinton as I've a few mates from Mex.
  17. Hope to see you around mate what do you drive?
  18. Feirny

    Feirny RSM Admin

    I’ve got a white R26, you won’t see me around as I’ve moved to Leeds now.
  19. I had a white r26 behind me going under swinton bridge the other weekend, javelin stickers in window, turned off left towards kilnhurst

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