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  1. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    So just purchased a Megane 250 Cup pack absolutely in love with the car went from a Clio 197 F1 to a diesel BMW (I still don't know why either) and now I've just purchased this!

    Anyone have any information on this car?

    Can't wait to start doing bits to it I've decided to go the cosmetic route first and get used to the car before I start buying performance parts, currently has an ITG induction kit and a Miltek Cat back. Autec Wizard wheels and it's going in for H&R lowering springs next week.

    Whilst I'm here and new to this, who's the best renault specialists? I want the car health checked to make sure nothings wrong and if anything is wrong to fix it mainly for peace of mind as the service history seems really good but still..

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  2. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Welcome, Looks like a nice car, Is that Jakes old one by chance?
  3. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    I believe it is buddy, the guy from Bristol? If so lovely guy when I brought it off him!
  4. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    just had a butchers at there page they look decent mate ill definitely be paying them a visit!
  5. HI and welcome along, not too far from you near tewksebury, a few of in the south midlands area, nice car i love the colour combo, white with dark colour rims, enjoy it
  6. Welcome mate, another one here thats used four ashes, there guy that does all the RS’s has got a 250, they check the cars top to bottom, even found my motorway humming noise that i forgot to tell him about (was tyre tread movement/splitting). Official supplier of ktec parts aswel.
  7. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    decent that mate I've got the week off next week so I'm gonna try and be getting in for a few things fingers crossed they can squeeze me in!

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