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First track day @ Donington 17th April

Discussion in 'Track Days & Track Driving' started by RSCAL, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    Doing my first track day in the megane at Donington this coming Wednesday and absolutely can't wait! Went out and brought myself a go pro to grab some footage as I'm sure this will be the first of many!

    Any advice for first time track days?

    I'm going with my mate in his 500+ bhp evo who's entered himself into time attack this year, so he said he'll guide me through the basics and then said he'll give me the fright of my life in his evo haha!

    Don't plan on taking things to seriously I'm going for fun rather than to race other cars and set blistering lap times so shouldn't be to much strain on the car.
  2. Pay £30 and get yourself some tuition and just enjoy it, keep an eye on your rear view.
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  3. Don't forget to take a tether for the go pro if your planning on using a suction mount. Most TDO,s insist on either solid mount or tethering for suction mount.
    Tuition is money better spent than any mod, especially if it's free from an experienced driver.
    Have fun and share the footage.

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  4. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    Yeah my friend told me that he said he's got spare ones I can use, can it be tethered anywhere? My plan was to loop it through the holes in the recaro. If they offer professional tuition there ill be sure to ask for some its all good my friend showing me what to do but I'm sure he'd rather be out in his car testing for his upcoming sessions haha
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  5. 100% try to get tuition as early as possible. Once youve done that spend the day practicing the lines hes shown you, you cant go wrong from there.

    I was there last week (not driven donny for 2 years) and its an epic track!
  6. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    will definitely be trying that apparently they're offering free tuition (first come first serve basis) so hopefully nobody else there wants it ha!
  7. You need to get there early then :laughing:
  8. Hi guys. I had my first ever track day at Donnington National last Monday. Great little circuit. Was the first time I effectively was able to drive my R26r after buying it a few months ago. Don't ask but there was always some problem with it. Now runs sweet. Here's a few highlights at Donnington. Must go back again!

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  9. RSCAL

    RSCAL RSM Club Member

    My first track day went to plan, didn't get any tuition but my pal managed to sort me out with some words of advice when he came out with me. Weather was beautiful and there was some awesome cars there (quite a few fellow meganes MK2 and MK3) booking back in for donington next month as I loved the circuit and at least I know it a bit better now. CAE shifter should be getting fit soon and will be looking to try fit a lot more parts and attend a lot more days over the summer!
  10. F6B90106-D36F-4B76-AC3B-F498D26F88E2.jpeg
    One of me favourite tracks Donington !

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