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  1. Got some new DS1.11 front pads to fit and bed in, from the Ferodo site the bedding in process looks fairly straightforward - slowly build up temp over multiple stops, starting gently and then slowly harder etc

    But I'm in central London so not so easy/safe to do. My plan was to bed them in during the early morning drive to circuit, they will probably get very little heat in getting out of London and can then bed in on the dual carriageway near the circuit

    Should this be OK? Or are the pads very sensitive to glazing from light use before bedding in?

    Other option is to fit them at the circuit but that means I need to get up earlier!!
  2. Should be ok to drive to the track with them, but you will need to get them up to working temperature i.e. smoking when stopped, to bed them in properly and then let them cool to ambient.

    Don't want to be parked up with hot brakes either, so they will need a short drive to cool down.
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  3. Thanks, main road next to track will be good enough to get them up to temp - will remember to strap everything down before leaving the house though

    Current pads are fitted without any squeal shims or copper grease, ok to fit the new pads the same way do you think?
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  4. Fit new pads with copper grease on backs.
  5. my mate just put the same pads in his integra turbo.
    Squeeled like fk.
    took them out..copper greased,,still squeel like fk!!
  6. I have these pads in my 250. So much squealing!
  7. George@RTR Parts

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    They want to get to circa 600 deg C first time they get any proper heat into them, so you won't be able to achieve that on the road. Dedicate the first track session in the morning to building the heat into them and get them very hot, then a few proper cool down laps to get rid of some of the heat , park up and leave to cool to below 100 deg C. That's them done

    I run track/race pads dry. copper grease is an old product and will break down and run under extreme heat. If you want to use something the Ceratec (from Textar/Pagid) is the modern alternative
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  8. If your ds1.11 have suffix WB or ZB these pads have already be subjected to height temps and just need 5 strong dabs to mate surface to disc only
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  9. 600 deg C on the road, no problem. You've not seen my driving :tearsofjoy:
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  10. George@RTR Parts

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    ZB would be the UNO compound mate. But you're right you can get some pads that have been thermally bedded at the factory, so just need bedded to the discs
  11. NJH


    Good advice about the copper grease. The heat race pads run at will just melt it all away anyways.
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  12. -Jamie-

    -Jamie- RSM Moderator

    Copper grease shouldn't go anywhere near brake systems or anywhere in fact. Such an old outdated product and there are several much more suitable modern products
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  13. 9C58F4C3-FB9A-41A0-AEA2-49FF788D4901.png
    Yes copper grease is out due to its galvatic (corrosive) properties around two differant metals, go for Cera Tec thats designed for hi tem brake part lubricant
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  14. never actually figured out how slapping copper grease on the back of pads,
    supposedly stopped them from squealing.
    Does anyone actually know how to stop pads from doing this?
  15. I fitted mine dry and no problems or noise so far, bedded in fine on the road with some firm brakes as well

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