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  1. Hi,

    Anyone fitted or is considering fitting spot/driving lamps or led lazer light bars to a MK3 Megane RS ?
    Uprated the bulbs but still find performance poor - light up no where near as far my previous 2002 Astra - especially on full beam !! Alignment has been checked and spot on. I live in an rural area where most roads do not have street lighting and need to see when the odd sheep jumps into the road or just decides to sleep on it ! :smile:. Looked at Lazer light option but they are expensive.Can apparently be fitted on what is called a licence plate mount with the lightbar just above the number plate. As said, just wondered if anyone had fitted driving/spot lamps and how feasible it is.

  2. I think it would look gash, I take it you don't have xeons? I just have normal bulbs, I think the last owner fitted piaa bulbs or what whatever they are called, and they are more than bright enough, I never understand why some people feel the need to be able to see 10 miles away when driving
  3. I can see why. Nearly killed a young lad riding a scooter with no lights on a dark road a few weeks ago. Didn't see him until I was 15 feet off the back of him. Tank slapper ensued. The lights eventually picked his number plate up.

    The lights on my car (OEM) are absolutely appalling - dangerously so. They aren't fit for a car with a quarter of the power.

    What I will say is make sure the lenses are clear at this time of year as the terrible output can easily be diminished by a layer of dirt.
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  4. Get a decent projectors retrofited. A bixenon one. There are a few, I would recomend a d2s mini 3.0. They have a wide spread of light, which would help see in corners and to see wide is very helpfull, and also the high beam would be kuch better than a narrow spot light. They only help on very long and straight roads.
    For the money of a decent spot light you can get HID retrofited headlamps.

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  5. Directional xenons on the 265. Visibility amazing!
  6. The facelift has projector headlamps but no xenon option was available. I too hate true light fromtrrhe headlamps and consider it quite dangerous. I updated true bulbs on mine trouble Philips bulbs the +150 ones and got my beam adjusted to the upper not limit. Just about passable if anyone knows how to update the projector itself then prevent potential accidents and tell us!
  7. My R26 with Xenons is shockingly bad. On any unlit road they are verging on dangerous.
    I've never had a car with such bad lighting.

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  8. They are burnt most probably. Usually from cheap chinese bulbs.

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  9. Pity there is no easy upgrade from Renault dealers as would certainly pay for one.
    Down country roads with no centreline/cats eyes etc I could go at a faster pace in my father's
    Renault Modus as the lights are better ! Just find it annoying on a car like the RS it is very let down in the dark,
    which is 6 months of the year and for me involves driving on unlit rural roads every day.
    Reminds me of the mark 2 escort I used to have ( yes, I am that old and looking at the prices I wish I had stored it in a barn!!)
    with crap headlights However, that was easily remedied with a couple of brackets/relay from the local Ford dealer,
    a pair of Cibie Super Oscars and an hour of my time fitting them. Night then turned into day ! If only
    it was that easy on a modern car/Megane RS.............
    This is the bracket I mentioned in my earlier post ( mods, please remove link if it is not allowed )

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