250 Driver's Door Not Locking and no ambient temp reading

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  1. Before Jamie comes along and abuses me for arsing around so much with the car, I've noticed since having the passenger door off that the ambient temp sensor doesn't work any more (RS monitor second screen shows nothing bottom right and no small display on the default 'renaultsport' screen). That's one problem...probably just a duff sensor in the mirror.

    The bigger problem is that from taking the passenger door off (could be coincidence), the drivers side door no longer locks when you walk away or lock with the fob. I noticed it making a high pitched beep the other day when opening the door but then it worked once or twice with no high pitched beep.

    Is this just going to be solenoid?
  2. I would say its an issue with the multi pin plug in the hinge area of the door.
  3. I'll check later, drivers side hasn't been touched but passenger side was unclipped ofcourse. Passenger door does lock and unlock though with fob AND walking away.
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    Hi Mark.
  5. Thought I'd have got longer before you showed up :sob:
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    I'm always around, Forums are inhabited with a lot less idiots and trolls like the FB groups...
  7. Ok, so I've unplugged and plugged back in both sides, all seems good there. Passenger side clicks with the fob as does fuel cap, but not driver side. Now though, when I walk away from the car, it doesn't auto lock either! Something going on.

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