Dan’s 275 trophy

Discussion in 'Megane Projects' started by dansx, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Back in a megane after around 4 years out since my old r26:

    So here it is white 275 trophy with ohlins and quite a few decent options.


    Just had a fair amount of work before picking it up including a full service, new brakes all round and two fresh Michelin cup 2’s for the front plus a few other bits freshened up.

    First things first private plate went on:

    Then what else do you do 9 days after picking up a new car...

    Yes you book a trackday so here it is getting thrown round cadwell park 9 days in. Was only an evening session but still good fun.

    And of course there was more meganes in attendance, pretty nice chaps to talk too aswell not sure if they are on here

    The car was pretty faultless and handled amazing really impressed with the suspension and tyres. Only downfall was the brakes went after a while into each session so going to look at upgrading the fluid and the pads before the next one.

    Few more bits planned for the future but thats it for now.
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  2. Few little bits done today

    First off seen as it had no xenons fitted had to improvise.

    And also fitted some led plate light bulbs to freshen it up.

    Then de “megane” ‘d the rear looks alot better.
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  3. What did you use in the headlights?
  4. Its a 6k hid kit
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  5. Looking good dude. I often thought about removing the Megane badge as it was a pain when cleaning it but I kept it OEM in the end. Looks nice off though!

    Look after her now! :wink:
  6. Well had my first issue the other morning, car wouldn’t start had to get renault assist out.

    Rac man turns up [​IMG]

    Turns out the battery had packed in which was an inconvenience but better now than in a couple of weeks in germany i guess.

    So a new one fitted and all seems fine now.

    Also bought some brake fluid to do a change as it was getting rather hot on track heard good things about this so giving it a try.

    Off to the nurburgring in two weeks so hopefully the meg holds up well.
  7. Mikeyjp

    Mikeyjp RSM Club Member

    Is yours stop/start? Seems strange for it to give up so soon
  8. Was that just a lamp kit of what? Could this be related to battery fault as it seems odd to just have died like that?
  9. yes stop start , i was abit shocked also that it had died so soon but one of those things
  10. no the rac did a full check for any drains etc and just confirmed the battery had gone bang. Apparently these newer battery's just go suddenly without warning according to the rac mechanic anyway how true this is i dont know

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