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  1. Hi,

    When buying a second hand megane 275 nav are there any tell tale signs to prove the car has had the cup chassis upgrade other than taking the owners word for it?

  2. Red brake calipers/grooved discs is the most obvious sign. The chances of someone going to the trouble of changing the colour on a relatively young car are pretty slim, so it's a fairly safe bet. You could always try to ask Renault I guess, but I don't know how successful that would be.

    The anti-roll bars are different thicknesses I believe, but I am not sure how thick they should be and it would be a bit of a faff to get under the car to measure!
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  3. They have the red brembos but changed to smooth discs on the 275 didn't they?
  4. Did they? Didn't know that!
  5. I created a thread about it ages ago if you search for it. There is different colour dots on the springs which indicate whether it's got cup chassis too. Red brembos are the visual giveaway.

    Also if you are buying a 275 there should still be the order form/receipt from new confirming spec.
  6. Thanks for the replies, much appreciated
  7. I've got a 275 Nav with the Cup pack. As above the visual giveaway will be the red Brembos (red rear calipers also). I believe Cup packed cars also got the matte black Tibor alloys rather than the anthracite colour non Cup 275s have. The Cup pack also adds the LSD which when turning at full lock at low speed (in a car park say) will make the car feel like it skips/jumps. That would be the biggest give away to me if you're not sure if someone has just painted the brakes & wheels to make the car appear "Cup" packed :-)
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  8. Yes mine has
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  9. 99% of all mk3’s skip regardless of lsd, as said best giveaway is red calipers, coloured dots on springs and lsd.

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