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Discussion in 'Megane Discussion' started by Chrisball35, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. I posted a separate thread about trim noise. I've now narrowed it down to where it's coming from and it seems to be the drivers side window. When going through camber changes or bumps in the road you hear a distinct creaking noise coming from the driver door. If you slightly nudge the window down it stops. Anyone else had this? Any thoughts to stop it?

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    Think you are expecting to much from a French car :tongueout:,maybe you could try removing and refitting the trim around the window
  3. get some gummi pflege on it. Its like silicone grease. gets rid of the noise.

    I have the same problem every so often.
  4. Cheers for the replies. I had considered I was expecting a bit more of a.... Ahem... Sturdy build than I should be. However I'll try the grease. Probably a dumb question but where do you put it around the window ?
  5. It's OK .... Just seen a clip on YouTube
  6. Great tip on the gummi pflege. Sorted my window right out... I'm now longer losing my mind whilst driving!
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  7. Glad to be of assistance. Can't do with creaks in the car. Does my Swede in.
  8. I get some creaking off the doors

    Tends to be if Ive waxed/sealed the car, it washes down when rained on, the door seals the creak. Bit of dry lube sorts it right out :-p!
  9. please send the link
  10. I got some gummi after reading this post. Haven't used it yet though, so where did you apply it?

  11. That should take you to the link. I put it on all my rubber seals. I've had to apply twice
  12. Now you'll notice all the other creeking noises inside the car

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  13. Yep. Already started, my kids car seat rattling is the new focus :-)

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