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  1. I'm considering a set of bc's for my 265, but car is also my daily and I'm concerned they might be a bit too harsh for daily use.
    Has anybody fitted them? How are you finding them compared to the stock set up? Thanks.
  2. Been messaging Charlie at CGR about this today, and it seems they can order custom spring rates to make them how you want them, from road car comfy to full on track car and everything in between. Give them a call they are a very very helpful bunch and will talk you through it all.

    I’m really keen to give these a go now I’ve had it all explained by them.
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  3. I'd probably just stick with the standard 7/4 as its still my daily and should still be a good improvement over stock on track. Where as if it was for track only I'd be going 8/7.

    I noticed kam racing were offering 20% off the other day making them even more of a bargain at £680.
  4. That’s a good price !

    Here is CGR’s options and opinions on the spring rates.....

    The 4kg rear spring rate is good for a car that's solely used on the road, coupled with either a 6 or a 7kg front spring depending on how you want the car to drive,

    The 7kg rear spring is good for UK track-days and smooth circuits, designed really as the track option the standard matching front spring rate is 10kg which really is a bit stiff for bumpy b-roads or bumpier circuits like the ring but is a good choice if the car's mainly used as a track-day toy.

    We've found that a 7kg front/5kg rear is agreat choice for something that will still drive well round bumpier circuits or for b-roadthrashing but gives the car that little bit more turn-in compared to the 4kg set-up and still performs well on-track.

    For something destined for the ring where b-road performance is less important but you may still do the odd track-day an 8kg/6kg combination suits the car really really well, it's a nice balance between the softer set-ups and the harder and makes the car a bit of a "one-trick-pony" as it were, especially with the geometry set-up right it can really transform the car.
  5. Great info, cheers
  6. No worries.
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    Well sell the BC kits and make custom springs to suit since BC only offer 4kg or 7kg rear rates which aren't really optimised for any set-up, the 7kg/4kg is ok for the road and a good upgrade on track, but the 5kg rear rate is a much better improvement on track and personally on the road too, helps the car rotate more especially if you set the geometry up properly the 5kg rear spring really compliments the package.

    If you need any more help or advice don't hesitate to give us a shout :blush:
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  8. Cheers, I'll keep you in mind when I'm ready to buy.
  9. I bought a set from Charlie, 7kg front and 4 kg rear , plus an extra set - 5 kg rear. Have had them installed about 2 weeks now - car is much firmer than the standard, but I have just come from H&R lowered springs and I would say they are very similar to those comfort wise. I use my car as a daily driver, 50 km / day plus enter track days usually once a month.
    Being able to alter the camber on the fronts is great, now running 2.3 deg -ve, at the rear I have shims from Moderno racing set at just under 2 deg -ve.
    Car is pulling 1.3 g sustained on the track.
    I wish these had been available 6 years ago when I first bought the car!
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