Autosport International 2018

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  1. Was at the NEC for a few hours today. Would be rude not to share some pictures...

    IMG_20180111_105503.jpg IMG_20180111_105531.jpg IMG_20180111_110627.jpg IMG_20180111_105748.jpg IMG_20180111_105950.jpg IMG_20180111_110531.jpg IMG_20180111_110520.jpg

    More to come...
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  2. And some more:

    IMG_20180111_110916.jpg IMG_20180111_110940.jpg IMG_20180111_111041.jpg IMG_20180111_111118.jpg IMG_20180111_111704.jpg IMG_20180111_112157.jpg IMG_20180111_114932.jpg

    Still more to come...
  3. IMG_20180111_115103.jpg IMG_20180111_115330.jpg IMG_20180111_115817.jpg IMG_20180111_121413.jpg IMG_20180111_123738.jpg IMG_20180111_131903.jpg IMG_20180111_132712.jpg IMG_20180111_132846.jpg IMG_20180111_132909.jpg IMG_20180111_133520.jpg

  4. matt e

    matt e South East RSM Area Rep

    spoiler on the yaris is a work of art
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  5. You're not wrong. All of the current gen WRC cars are incredible but the detail work on the Toyota is something else.
  6. Awesome pics mate! I’m going tomorrow with my brother, csn’t wait!!
  7. NJH


    Mega. Would love to have gone but the flu put paid to any travelling. You will all have to keep the pictures coming so I can see what I missed.

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